Friday, 26 October 2012

Welcome Back!

Apologies for no blog last week but the network was down.

A big welcome to the eighth member of our group....Luke Usendorff.

It's great to be back and what an exciting first week we had!!

Thanks to the generosity of the PTA we opened six new boxes of Duplo on the first day back.
There were eight very excited children !!
Thanks PTA.

This week we had a visit from Mrs Tansey and her  four dogs...Texas,Kenya, Chemo and Clutha.

They were very friendly which was fantastic as some of us are a bit nervous around dogs!

Texas and Clutha were very good at tricks and retrieving a ball.

We all had a turn at brushing them and giving them lots of cuddles.

                                                                   Rachel was very brave patting Kenya.
Clutha showed us all of his tricks....
                                                                           He can dance!!!!

Then on Thursday we were off to the SPCA. The animals there aren't as lucky as Texas, Kenya,Chemo and Clutha.
They are looking for a happy home to go to. They were all so pleased to see us but looked really sad when we said goodbye to them. We wished that we could have taken them back to school with us!!!!

We learnt that it is a big responsibility to own a pet and you have to take great care of them...brushing,feeding,walking and loving them.
We hope that all of the cats,dogs and rabbits at the SPCA will soon find a new home where they will be loved.