Thursday, 17 April 2014

End of Term 1

It is hard to believe that we have come to the end of term.

We have had a wonderful week of learning and creating.

Lee came to visit us and tell us all about Myanmar when he was our age.
He didn't go to school like us, instead he stayed at home to help his Mum with the chores and the cooking. He learnt so much from his Mum.

Lee put on his longyi for us. Men in Burma wear these every day.

Aaron was very excited about being able to wear Lee's longyi

Thanks Lee!

Now for the creating......

Our Easter Chickens! We think that they are very cute! We used paper plates,paint,feathers .glue. googly eyes ,and pegs.

George is hiding behind his chicken!

Aaron is so proud of his work!

Then we got busy making Easter baskets.....we are so lucky...they have a little chicken in them and some Easter treats...can you guess what they are?

We used the glue gun to put the ribbon on and then had Easter shapes to stick on our baskets.

We wish you all a very safe and happy holiday. Lets hope that the weather improves so that we can get outside and play.
Take care everyone
Rachel, George, Jeremy, Aaron,Katelyn,LukeB, Luke U, Aieshar, Rachel and Gayle

Friday, 11 April 2014

Oh My Goodness...It's Week 10!!!

As promised here are our Autumn trees .....

What do you think....artists in the making?

Another week without our friend George....please get better soon as we are missing you!! 

We made a card for George,  to let him know that we are thinking about him.

Have you been watching the Royal Family on TV? We have and we think that Prince George is soo cute. We have got some photos of him and his parents up on the wall.

Enjoy your weekend...we have a feeling that we may be relaxing inside as it looks like it is going to be a wet weekend.

Friday, 4 April 2014


It has been a funny week with lots of us away.
Rachel and Katelyn have been on camp at Hanmer Springs and Jeremy and Aaron have been sick.
It is strange when we aren't all there together.
George is back so that is great!

We are all learning to work together as a group.....we have been told that we are getting to be super stars at this!  It was fun working together putting our leaves on the branch.

      Did you see the wind today,
      Blow the Autumn leaves away,
      From the trees they flutter down,
      Some are red and some are brown,
      Dancing up and down the street,
      Dancing round and round my little  feet,
      Did you see the wind today
      Blow the Autumn leaves away?

Yes Autumn is here and the trees around the school are looking spectacular, especially the ones in the car park.
Have you seen them?

We have been busy creating our own Autumn trees. They  aren't finished yet but when they are you will get to see them....probably next week.

We used cotton buds and the tips of our fingers to make the Autumn leaves

We also stripped a branch of it's leaves and made our own Autumn leaves to put on it. Darren is going to hang it up next week for us on our seasons wall.

We are hoping that we are all going to be together next week.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!