Monday, 16 December 2013

Last Day.....

Well here we are on the last day of school.
This year has just flown by...we could have done with another few days BUT we did get everything completed!! Phew!!

Last Thursday we had a Christmas treat....on our 'kiwi' calendar for November there was a pavalova and Gayle said that she would make us one. We have been waiting and waiting for it to arrive !!!
Some of us whipped up the cream with the beater while the others cut up strawberries to put on top of the cream.
It was very delicious....some of us had two helpings!!!

Great work Aaron!

The beater is very noisy.....Jeremy

Superb technique Luke!

The strawberry girls!


Christmas is a season for love
A time for being with the people you really love
So open your hearts and let forgiving begin
For then you will know the true meaning of Christmas

Lets join hands around the world
And sing together in peace and harmony
We'll open our hearts and let forgiving begin
For then we will know the true meaning of Christmas

We all hope that you have a safe and fun filled Festive Season that is filled with heaps of laughter

Sending everyone a Christmas hug
Aieshar, Katelyn, George, Jeremy, Rachel, Luke B, Luke U, Aaron, Rachel and Gayle

Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas is on it's way!!!

We are definitely getting VERY excited about Christmas and have been busy little elves decorating the Christmas tree for Learning Support.
It was such fun getting out all the decorations and having the Christmas music on.

A big welcome to Aaron who has joined us this week.
Aaron we loved watching the huge smile on your face
as you decorated the tree.

Rachel ....Now where will I put this...


Mmm...not much room left on the tree

Working together ...well done Luke and Aieshar

Thanks Luke B for this masterpiece on the looks fantastic!

We are working on some other Christmas goodies but we can't tell you about them as it's a surprise for our parents.

The only thing that we can say is that two of the items that we are working on are very cute!!

We will show you next week.