Friday, 16 December 2016

The end of term has arrived!

It is hard to believe that we have reached the end of the term.
Term 4 seems to have flown by!!

This week we had a Christmas treat.    We all put our ideas forward to what we would like to do.
The most votes went to a trip to the Margaret Mahy Playground. So off we went for a picnic and a play.

It was such fun trying out all the equipment there. Some of us ventured over to the water activities and had a ball playing with the water.

                                                          Lunch first before our play

Addison was really brave....she climbed right to the top of the tower

Fun on the huge slide....

Team work...

We have all had an amazing year....we have worked hard but have had fun along the way.     Rachel and Gayle are very proud of us with what we have achieved.

We all wish you a fabulous, safe and happy holiday.

We will be back next year!!!

Take care and look after yourselves.

    Addison, Ben, Desharne, Luke, Aieshar, Aaron, Jasiah,                           Meagan, Ryan, Gabby, Rachel and Gayle.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Christmas is nearly here....

Hi everyone.

We have had a week of Christmas activities.

Ryan's mum Simone gave up her time to come in and teach us all how to make a reindeer.

She showed us how to sew the felt together.  It was quite difficult but you guessed it....we kept on trying!!! 

We were all so pleased with the end result.

First we had to thread the needle with cotton.

Then it was sewing the two pieces of felt together

We were sure that Ryan had down this before...he was SO good at it.
We think he has been doing this with his mum for some time. Great work Ryan.

Now for the glueing.....

Final result!!

One very happy young lady!!

Next up was decorating our Christmas tree.

On went the Christmas music and off to work we went....

How does this all fit together?

We think we are on the right track...

Decorating the windows

 More window decorating

Now for the tree...

 Team work...

It's looking good!

Thank you Simone for giving us this gorgeous fairy to put at the top of the tree.
You are so clever making all these wonderful things

Christmas stories

As you can see it was a Christmas type of week!

We also did some Christmas art and wrote a letter to Santa.

Have you got your Christmas tree up yet? If you are doing it this weekend ...have fun!!

Saturday, 3 December 2016

We are starting to run out of time!!!!!

Kia Ora everyone,

The weather hasn't been very kind to us this week but the rain has been really good for our veggie garden. Our vegetables are taking off so hopefully we will be able to take some home soon.

We did another act of kindness this week as well as having a wonderful afternoon.

Room 6 and 7 held a Mufti Day some time ago with all the money going to the SPCA.
We took that money out to the SPCA on Thursday.

The people there were so thrilled to receive the money...they had huge smiles on their faces!!!

We were shown around the grounds where all the animals were. It was so good to be there!!!

Handing over the money...

Listening to our guide about what the SPCA does...

Looking for mother cats and their kittens....we had to be VERY quiet!!!

Finding out all about the SPCA ambulance

Looking at the rabbits...there were quite a lot!!!

Look at this beautiful boy!  He is looking for a home.

The SPCA greyhound. He was just so friendly!

If you are looking for a Christmas present for someone who likes animals, the SPCA is a great place to go. 

You would be helping a sad, homeless cat ...or dog and you would make them VERY VERY happy!!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Kia Ora

Hello everyone

It has been a funny old week weather wise....some days hot while today was very chilly!

More planting in our garden this week....beans, lettuces and silver beet.

We are still having trouble with either the birds or slugs eating our plants.

We have put up plastic bags around the plants to frighten off the birds.

We hope that what ever is eating our plants will go away so that our vegetables will grow and we can take them home to our families.

Every Thursday we have to give some thought about what we have done for someone during the past week.

                       This week  our team did something for our school.

        Mrs Coleman had a letter for all the neighbours of Waimairi School. 

                                    We delivered them for her.

          It was a great way to have some exercise as well as doing a good deed.

It was a superb sunny day to be out delivering the letters

Can I please put this one in?    We know why!!!!!

                     Have you done something for someone this week?

                                Enjoy your weekend everyone!