Friday, 28 November 2014

Week 7

It is hard to believe that we are getting towards the end of the term.

Rachel and Katelyn are off to Breens next year so today they had a visit to see what their new school was all about.
Gayle was sooo proud of them when they met their new principal . They shook his hand and had superb eye contact!  Just shows that practise makes perfect!!

Do you know what your initials are?   Some of us didn't  but now we ALL know!

 First up we had to find the letters that belonged to us....

Then we coloured them in with pastels..
 Then it was time to decorate them with numbers, stars,glitter and coloured rice.

We are all very proud of the final product!

On Wednesday we had Kiatoro time. We chose two activities that we wanted to participate in.
Dress ups, dough and duplo were the favourites.
When we all got back as a group to talk about what we had been doing and why we enjoyed it so much we were heaped with lots of praise from Gayle and Rachel.
They said that they were just so impressed by the way we all managed ourselves. That means that we all got on so well together, had wonderful conversations and were very engaged with what we were doing. We all gave ourselves a pat on the back!!!

We farewelled Aiseshar on Thursday with a small celebration as she is off to hospital on Monday and we wont see her for a few days.
All the best Aieshar... we will all be thinking of you.

The weather isn't looking the best for the weekend so....keep warm!!

Friday, 21 November 2014


We are having some wonderful sunny days so it was time to get out into our community and see what is happening out there.

It was decided to go on a giraffe hunt as there are so many giraffes that have arrived in Christchurch....not the real variety!!

So off on a giraffe hunt we Deans Bush, and sure enough we found not one but five giraffes!!
They are just fantastic...the big one outside is all mosaic and the smaller ones inside the cottage are painted by schools. We wished that we had had the opportunity to have painted one.

The children who had decorated this giraffe put their names on the necklace that was around its neck

What else is there to do at Deans Bush ?

Next stop a walk in the bush to listen to all of the birds.

This area is predator free so we had to walk into a cage then press a button to get to into the bush.

Stopping to see if we can hear the birds

Stopping again to listen...yes we can hear them !!!

Up in this tall tree were two beautiful Wood Pigeons

Paradise ducklings...oh so cute...we wanted to have a cuddle!!!

George and Luke having a turn at being front leaders 

We all sat to watch the family of Paradise ducks. The parents were SO protective of their babies.
They wouldn't let any other duck near them ...if they came near the parents would chase them away!!!
It was a bit scary at times!!!

If you haven't been to Deans Bush we all suggest you take a visit is so peaceful .
We are so lucky to have such a special place like this in our city to go to.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Me In The Big Wide World ....

This week for  Me In The Big Wide World we learnt about hygiene.

We did a brain storm of all the things that we could do to keep our bodies clean and healthy.
This is what we came up with....

*clean undies every day
*brush our teeth twice a day ...why?...because we don't want to get fillings
*shower or bath every day if possible ....why?...because if we don't we will get smelly
*wash our hands after playing with our pets...why?...because they have germs just like us
*brush our hair and wash it twice a week...why? gets dirty and goes all greasy
*wear deodorant when we get to be a teenager...why?...sitting next to someone with body odour is not   
*No nose picking...why?...yuk think of all those germs!!!

We also thought that we should be drinking water every day, eating healthy meals and getting lots of sleep...phew what a lot of things for us to remember!!

Then it was on to hand washing. We all had a turn at washing our hands properly. Did you know that if you sing the Happy Birthday song while you are rubbing the soap in your hands will be beautifully clean?.... after you have washed the soap off that is!!!

Oh No!     The water was dirty when we had finished and we all thought that we had started the afternoon with clean hands!!!!!

We were meant to be practising road crossing on Wednesday but it poured with rain so instead we had Kiatoro time....we were very excited about that!    We LOVE Kiatoro time!!      Some of us dressed up and did a play, some rushed off to the Duplo while others  sat quietly drawing or playing with the dough. 

On Thursday we made a very delicious gluten free chocolate coconut slice...yum!!! If you would like the recipe just ask and we will send it to you.

To everyone out there...have a wonderful weekend!!!!