Friday, 19 April 2013

The holidays are one sleep away!!!

It is hard to believe that the end of term one is just about over!

Our senses topic continued this week with touch and hearing.

For hearing we put on the blindfolds again and listened to different sounds ...then we had to guess what they were.
Guess what...we all have amazing hearing...we were correct on every one!!!

"What do you think this sound is Rachel?"

 George knew that this was a musical instrument.
 This sound was a wee bit difficult but Aieshar eventually got it...Well done Aieshar!
 Jeremy's sound was a whistle...he wrote down his name and whistle on the white board.
You are a very clever possum Jeremy!!

 Luke was very quick to know that his sound was a shaker!
 George knew immediately what this sound was...he had been to the hairdressers in the morning !
 After listening to all the sounds we played Sounds Lotto...once again we were Super Stars!!

We felt many items and they were all different...some soft,some fluffy,some hard,and some rough.

 This was so felt great.
 This piece of netting was quite sharp at the edge .

 I wonder what Katelyn is going to pull out of the feely bag?
 Luke was able to describe this spoon without looking,just by feeling.and we guessed that it was a spoon.

Well that is it from us for Term 1...we hope that you have enjoyed looking  at all the wonderful things that we have been learning about in Learning Support.

We wish everyone out there a very safe and happy holiday.

George,Jeremy,Luke B,Luke U,Rachel,Aieshar,Katelyn,Rachel and Gayle

Friday, 12 April 2013

Our Senses....

We have embarked on a new topic.....Our 5 Senses.

This week we did smell and taste.

Some of the items that we tasted were...salt, chocolate ,baking soda,bread,jam,honey and lots more.

Our faces were a picture when we tasted some of the things...they weren't very fact the word 'gross' came up several times!!!

''I dont like that!'

"Either do I!"

"Mmm...not sure what that is"

"This tastes like jelly"

"I is chocolate sugar "

For the smell tests we put our blindfolds on again and tried very hard to recognise what the smell was.
It was very difficult but quite a few of us got the spices right.
Our favourite was the star anise....we loved the smell of it.

'I certainly didn't like that!'

"Is that a tea bag?"

"What do you think that is George?"

Thank you  Luke B for being one amazing helper.

It is hard to believe that we only have one week to go and then it is the end of term.
Enjoy your weekend.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Ooh la la.!!

Apologies for no Easter post....there was one done but for some reason it  didn't make it to this page...mmm Gayle must have done something wrong!!!!

We hope that you all had a superb break and enjoyed the stunning weather.

Have  you read any of the Fancy Nancy books?
If you haven't we recommend you give them a try. They are written by Jane O'Connor.

Yesterday we read the Fancy Nancy Butterfly Birthday, then we dressed up ..all fancy and then we treated ourselves to a fancy afternoon tea!!!!
It was a very fancy afternoon!!!!...some of us even spoke in French.!!!!

We wish that you all could have been there to see us...we looked exquisite all dressed up and our manners were just oh so perfect!! You would have been proud!!.


Scrummy food...

What a wonderful waitress...

"Can I pass you a ham sandwich ?"

Ooh la la...oh so posh!

"Shortbread in the shape of a delicious"

"Thank you Madame"

Thumbs up from Luke.

"What delicious food have we got here?"

We even had fancy serviettes!

Luke enjoying some L and P.

What a fun filled afternoon we had.
Have a relaxing weekend everyone.