Friday, 5 April 2013

Ooh la la.!!

Apologies for no Easter post....there was one done but for some reason it  didn't make it to this page...mmm Gayle must have done something wrong!!!!

We hope that you all had a superb break and enjoyed the stunning weather.

Have  you read any of the Fancy Nancy books?
If you haven't we recommend you give them a try. They are written by Jane O'Connor.

Yesterday we read the Fancy Nancy Butterfly Birthday, then we dressed up ..all fancy and then we treated ourselves to a fancy afternoon tea!!!!
It was a very fancy afternoon!!!!...some of us even spoke in French.!!!!

We wish that you all could have been there to see us...we looked exquisite all dressed up and our manners were just oh so perfect!! You would have been proud!!.


Scrummy food...

What a wonderful waitress...

"Can I pass you a ham sandwich ?"

Ooh la la...oh so posh!

"Shortbread in the shape of a delicious"

"Thank you Madame"

Thumbs up from Luke.

"What delicious food have we got here?"

We even had fancy serviettes!

Luke enjoying some L and P.

What a fun filled afternoon we had.
Have a relaxing weekend everyone.

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