Thursday, 18 December 2014

Last Day.....

It is with great sadness that we farewelled four of our super stars team this week.

We had a ceremony and party to farewell our friends Katelyn, George, Rachel and Jeremy.
We hope that they will think of us when they wear their green stones that they received from the Afternoon Programme.

Rachel...Have fun at Breens with Katelyn
We are going to miss you

All the best for Breens Katelyn.
We will miss that smiley face of yours.

Bye George...we are going to miss you.
Have fun at Allenvale

Party food
From us all at the Afternoon Programme we wish you all the most superb festive season.
Have fun during the holidays.

Take care everyone...we hope that you have enjoyed reading about our learning each week.

George, Katelyn, Rachel, Jeremy, Aieshar, Aaron, Luke B, Luke U, Gabby, Rachel and Gayle

Thursday, 11 December 2014

One week to go!

Shhh....don't tell our parents but we  are busy busy busy making Christmas gifts for them!

Today Paul came in and helped us make a very cute Christmas tree out of a cone. We chose sparkly bits to decorate it with . We think that our parents are going to love them!!

Paul did the glueing with the glue gun and we placed the sparkly bits on 

There will be photos of the finished product next week.

We also made these trees.....
Boy was Gayle and Rachel proud of us with these creations....they said that we had all made the most superb  job of them and that our parents were going to treasure them.

We used strips of paper then glued a star at the top, glued a kebab stick at the back and put them into a piece of polystyrene that we had painted.

Now we are off to do something VERY special on Monday. We have been talking a lot about giving to others...not gifts but our time.
We did a huge brain storm of what we could do for others and then took a vote.
The SPCA was the winner. We wanted to do something for the animals that get abandoned at Christmas. We can't  understand why people do this to animals so we want to help.
We have all donated food for the animals that we will take with us on Monday.
Photos next week.
Enjoy your weekend...where are you summer?????

Friday, 5 December 2014

Christmas is coming.....

On Tuesday the alphabet bag appeared and we had to choose something from it....without looking, then 
write the word up on the whiteboard. We all really enjoyed this game and Luke has asked if we could do the same with the feely bag next week.

Aaron found a dinosaur...

Mmm, Luke wasn't all that impressed at finding an egg shell but he was able to spell egg perfectly!

Great work George....he pulled out an elephant.

Christmas is on it's way so it was time to bring out our Christmas tree this week.
It is quite a sad looking tree but once we had out all of the decorations on it looked so much better!!
What a fun way to spend the afternoon...Christmas music and great excitement and chatter at the thought that Santa is on his way!!! Yay!!

What decorations would I like to put on the tree?

I really love these angels..

This is so exciting!!

Look what I chose...

I will place this decoration very carefully here.....

Thank goodness we had someone tall to out the decorations at the top of the tree!!

I really like this silver tinsel....

Now to put some decorations under the tree....

And on the window....

All finished!

What do you think...have we made a superb job?

We have decided to something special for someone...make sure you read the blog next week to see what it is.

Enjoy your weekend