Thursday, 25 June 2015

Week 10

The term is rapidly coming to a close…only one more week to go and it will be the holidays!

In our team we have there is someone who is very excited about the holidays as he is going on a plane by himself to see his big sister…he can't wait!!!!

Our letter to our  Prime Minister John Key is completed and in the post….we are wondering what he will think of the flags that we have designed.

Gabby addressed the envelope for us.
We didn't need to put a stamp on it as it is free when you send a letter to the Prime Minister…..did you know that?

The birds are just loving our bird pudding that we have made for them.

Every day we put some out for them on our bird table.

We have been timing how long it takes them to fly in for the food.

Today it was only 5 seconds!!!!

Usually the wax eyes are first to come …that is until a greedy starling appears!!!

Today we made gluten free pikelets……we wish that the mixture had made more as they were so scrummy and we only got two each. We would have loved more!!!!
They were very easy to make. Some of us thought we could make them at home during the holidays .

Sifting the flour….

Breaking the egg…..

Melting the butter….

Putting the mixture in the frying pan….

Ready to eat…..

Enjoy your weekend everyone.  Let's hope that it will be stunning just like it has been today.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Rain, rain,go away…..

What a wet and miserable day we have today!!   Let's hope that it clears up for the weekend.

On Thursday it was Matariki….do you know what that is?

It is the time when Maori celebrate their New Year.

We had a story about it and found out about all the celebrations that happen at this time.
People get together with their whanau and eat delicious kai.

We iced and decorated star biscuits …the connection….The stars that appear at Matariki.

There was a knock at the door yesterday and in rushed a four legged friend…..Diesel!

Diesel belongs to Aieshar  and he came to visit us.  Aieshar talks about him heaps and wanted him to come and see us.
Four years ago we went to Aieshars house when Diesel was a puppy . He has grown heaps since then.
You should have seen him…he was so excited to see us all.
We had a question time with Aieshar about Diesel.

Aieshar's Dad and Diesel

Look at Diesels enormous tongue!

It was time to take our pot-pourri experiment out from the books where it has been for the last four weeks.

As scientists we were a bit disappointed at the result….   some of the petals had gone mouldy and we had to throw them out.    We wondered why that had happened but we couldn't explain it as they were in a very warm part of the room….right by a heater.     Mmm … we did wonder if some of the petals were damp when we put them in the books.  
One result we were happy with was that they had a beautiful perfume .

We completed our 'Winter' art this week…..they are very cool. Come and have a look if you have time.
We also came up with some fantastic 'Winter' words to put with our art.

Keep warm everyone!

Friday, 12 June 2015

Bird pudding photos…….

Here we are again….Bird pudding photos…..


more measuring...


team work …..

the dry ingredients…..

the smelly dripping….

now into the containers….

The next day……the mixture had set overnight so we took  it out of the containers .
Then we all went out to put the bird pudding on the bird  table.
Enjoy your dinner birds!!!!

Thanks Mary for coming in while Gayle has been away.

Will this be there on Monday?

We think that the birds will have had a wonderful time eating their  delicious food over the weekend and it will be all gone!!!

We also made gluten free chocolate brownie this week and it was just delicious !!

Science time continues...

This week we have been wondering what would happen to coins if we left them in a glass of coke.

Some of us wondered if they would turn to gold while others wondered if they might change colour and disappear!

So it was time to put on our lab coats again to do this experiment to see exactly what was going to happen…...
We had a selection of coins…..

Just wondering if we could have a drink of coke?

In goes the coin but PLEASE can we have a drink of coke?

Mmm  ….Im very interested to see what happens…...

My coin fall straight to the bottom and was surrounded by bubbles...

My coin has disappeared into the coke…..

My coin has disappeared into the coke and Im hoping it will turn into gold!

Now we have to wait for a few days to see what is going to happen to our coins.
Have you done this experiment before?
If you have let us know what happened to your coins.

We still had some science time left so we got busy putting a bird pudding together as we are going to see if it attracts any different birds to our bird table… the moment we just have sparrows and wax eyes.

Mmm …we wondered what could go into a bird pudding…what would birds like to eat?
We came up with berries, peanut butter, seeds, bread and a 'don't know'.

In our science book there was a recipe so we all had a look to see what they suggested…..seeds, dripping and  rolled oats.
Mary put some honey and peanut butter in as a treat for the birds!

The dripping had to be melted so into a pot it went…..ooh yuk…it had the most dreadful smell!!

Once it had melted we carefully put the remaining ingredients in and then put the mixture in to containers.

Oh no…trouble downloading the bird pudding photos for you so we will just have to do another post……..


Thursday, 4 June 2015

What do you do?

A lot of people ask us….."What do you do in the Afternoon Programme?"

Well here we go…this is our week.

Monday….Holiday for the Queens  Birthday…we hope you enjoyed it.

Tuesday…We had a visitor for the afternoon... .
She watched us as we make toast, have weekend news and paint blocks of wood that will remind us of our Maori colours.

Wednesday…Science time.

Paul came in  to make butter with us.
He looked very different so we had heaps of questions to ask him!!

Paul is making butter at home so he came to show us how it is done.

The equipment...

Oh no…it didn't work…hey that's  okay Paul scientists keep on trying...

So lets try with cream….

shake, shake, shake, shake…. for three minutes….

Now to wash the butter…. but not with detergent!!

Hey look what is happening...

Yeah… its butter!!!

Now for the test….

The butter is very soft...

The buyer is very creamy….

It is just the best! So much better than the butter we have at home. It is too good!!!!!

We made some connections between the two experiments…..
Both were liquids
They both came out of a bottle
They were both white
They both come from cows….
BUT only the cream worked.

Thursday……Baking day!
This week we made gluten free cheese scones and boy were they delicious.

Measuring the flour...


Cutting the butter...

Grating the cheese...

Mixing the butter with the flour...

Keep mixing...

Whoops this photo is in the wrong place …this is the end result!

Cutting the mixture into pieces…

We sat and ate our scrummy  cheese scones while Rachel read us another chapter of our book.
And then… a surprise visit…….

Welcome Lottie… we have heard so much about you...

I just love her…..

 Thanks Mark for bringing in Lottie to visit us… we all thought that she was just gorgeous and we hope that we can have another visit from her soon as we hear so much about her. We know that Gabby just loves her to bits!!!!!!

Well… thats our week…. it has been a good one.
We hope that you have enjoyed seeing what we have done.