Friday, 25 October 2013

Week 2

We enjoyed having visitors from Ladbrooks school this week.
Charlotte and Brock joined in with all our activities and it was wonderful making new friends.
We hope that they  enjoyed their time with us as much as we enjoyed having them.

Here we all are...George, Luke,Jeremy,Aieshar, Katelyn, Charlotte,Brock and Rachel.

On Thursday we started our healthy eating and made scrambled eggs. Most of us really enjoyed them and we would like to make them again as they are really easy to make. We are becoming expert egg crackers!!!!


This is hard work....

Now to stir the eggs all together...

Voila!!! A meal made in a minute!!!

This is 8 out of 10!!

Amazing table manners.....

I really love scrambled eggs.

Enjoy the long weekend and we will be back next Friday!
Take care  when you are out and about as there will be lots of cars on the road!!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Term 4

Welcome back to the Afternoon Programme's blog.
It is great to be back but hard to believe that it is term 4 and counting down to Christmas!!!!....well some of us are!!!

We have got off to a great start ...planning what we want to do for our Health and PE topic for the term.
It is going to be a full on term with what we have come up, PMP, yoga, hopscotch, sack races, zumba, healthy food and learning about our bodies...phew hope that we have enough weeks to fit it all in.
We are going to be super fit by Christmas!
On Wednesday we had a surprise visit from Mrs Jenkin's gorgeous puppies. They were so cute and very soft to touch.

Mmm...I wonder what my dog would say if I came home with this!!!

Our dog whisperer1

Very cute!

Sorry George already have two dogs at home!!!

Have a wonderful warm weekend everyone!!