Friday, 25 July 2014


Welcome back everyone!
We hope that you have all had a very relaxing holiday.

Good news!!
Our dance that we performed at Monday Meet Up is now on the Waimairi School Youtube site.

Our Topic for the Term is called Backstory and we have decided to learn from our grandparents what life was like when they were our age.

We hope to get from them letters, telling us about their schooling and what baking their Mum's did for them...or Dad's.

Next week we will be writing letters to them. Some of us will have to email them as they live in another country.
Each week we will bake one of their recipes .

This week we made scones as that was what our Grandparents used to bake a lot of as they are easy to make and don't cost too much as there are only a few ingredients in the recipe .

Measuring the flour...

Now for the baking powder...

A little big of salt....

Mixing the flour mixture with the butter...

Ready for the oven...

Mmm, this is delicious...I  thought I wouldn't like  scones but I do!!

Eating scones and looking at books on Italy as that is where Mrs Coleman is at the moment. We have been learning where Italy is on the  world map and Gayle has been reading her blog to us. It looks and sounds like a beautiful country . We all loved the old buildings...they are everywhere!!

We are also continuing our learning on Me In The Big Wide World.

This weeks discussion was on our routines...what we do every day.

We did some brainstorming on what else we could do to help our parents.

Here are some of our ideas.....

Helping with the dishes

Being happy

Putting away the clean washing

Setting the table

Packing our own lunch boxes at night

Dressing ourselves

Packing our own school bag

Next week we are going to choose one  suggestion off our list and do it at home to help our parents.

Enjoy your weekend...fingers crossed that the sun will stay shining.

Friday, 4 July 2014

End of Term!!

Well here we are at the end of the term! Nine weeks have gone by very quickly.

Sorry that the video of our dance at Monday Meet Up still isn't on our blog but we have had a few 'hiccups' with it. We promise that  you will be able to see us in action first week back. We will get Mr Anderson onto it as he is a whizz with computer issues!!

On Wednesday and Thursday we went to the hall to see the presentation of the terms work form Katelyn, Rachel, Luke's and Aieshar's class. Wow, it was amazing what they have done this term. We saw videos,dancing and sculptures.   Waimairi school has heaps of talented children in it!

Speaking of talent look what we produced with our rock art.......

            Artists at work!!

Mrs McGrath gave us some rocks that she had collected from Birdlings Flat Beach.
We wondered what we could do with them and then Gayle showed us some beautiful art work from an aboriginal artist.
It was all made up of little dots so we decided to try and do the same!
We got twigs, feathers and straws and created our own design.
It was fun painting on the rocks and Gayle said we could keep them forever...

We are all looking forward to the holidays...we hope you are too!
Have fun and we will be back next term.

Rachel, Katelyn,Luke B, Luke U, George, Aieshar, Aaron, Jeremy