Friday, 29 November 2013

Oh My is week 7!!!!

Morning all...yeah the sun has finally returned! It has been a wet and miserable week.

We have been continuing with our learning about healthy food .
On Tuesday we were on a put together a skeleton . We all had one each..all the bones had been cut out for us and all we had to do was to put them together...well that was the plan!!
We got out our body book so that we could match up all of the bones.
Luke B was incredible ..he was a real whizz at it so we decided to call him Mr Bowen the Orthopaedic Surgeon!!!!

Our whizz!

  It took us some time to join all the body parts together with the pins but we were very pleased with the final outcome.
After some discussion we all decided  to give our skeletons a name that was different to ours.

Every day this week we have been writing sentences about healthy eating and exercising and keeping a food diary.

We have decided that it is okay to have treats now and again but we need to eat lots of healthy food for our bodies and brains to work properly.

On Thursday we chose to make popcorn as our healthy snack.
It is easy to make and is delicious to eat.

Fingers crossed that the sun stays with us over the weekend.!!

Friday, 22 November 2013

Week 6

Apologies for no blog last wasn't that there wasn't anything to write about...Gayle forgot as she does the blog on a Friday and it was Show Day!.
Speaking of Show Day, we had a fabulous time at the show looking at all the different exhibitions,climbing on the tractors, watching the horses, seeing chickens hatching out of their  shells, patting rabbits,trying not to walk in animal poo...that was hard at times!!!
We loved being able to touch all the lambs...they were so cute! The calf tried to eat George's yellow vest!!!!

After searching out all the animals we went and had our lunch and listened to the New Zealand Army Band....they were so awesome . We all got  up and danced to the was such fun!!
By the time that we got back to the bus we were all very tired.

This week we are back on track with our healthy eating. On Thursday we made fruit kebabs. We have to be honest and tell you that we did put marshmallows on the kebab as well....they were delicious.

Have a wonderful looks like that it is going to be a wet one!

Friday, 8 November 2013

Off to the Supermarket!

On Thursday we all headed off to the Countdown Supermarket to look at the fruit and vegetables.

We found several things that we didn't like to eat and some  fruit and vegetables  that we had never seen before.

Mmm...mushrooms...Luke B made it VERY clear that he doesn't  like them!!!!!

Coconuts....not many of us knew what these were and where they come from.

Grapes and strawberries put a smile on Aieshar's face!

Yes you are right George...they are peppers.
They are also called capsicums.

We all knew what these were but some of us don't like them!

Now we really didn't know what these were....but Gayle told us that they are called Paw Paw's....mmm I wonder what they taste like?

We had never seen these before...they are pomegranates.

Red bananas....who has ever seen a red banana before?....certainly not us!!!

The pineapples have a very rough skin...almost prickly.

What does that smell like Jeremy?
It has been a week that has been all about food...healthy food, so we have made our own ham sandwiches and a banana smoothie. If you ever invite us to your place we can make these for you!!!!

Enjoy your weekend...let's hope that the sun stays shining.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Week three....

It has been a very short week, but we have packed quite a bit into it apart from Wednesday.
The athletic sports at St James Park were held in the morning and then we walked back to school and boy were we tired, so we were allowed to have choosing time for the afternoon. Some of us had to lie down for a while as we were so exhausted from all the sporting activities !!!
Sorry there are no photos. Guess who forgot to take the camera?????

We are still studying  about our healthy food options and on Thursday we completed our own charts of all the fruit, meat and vegetables that we week we will be off to the Supermarket to learn about  even more vegetables and fruit.

Speaking of outings....there has been a change in the law regarding children travelling in cars.
If there is anyone out there reading this that has a booster seat that they no longer require? We would love to take it off your hands!
We are going to have to get a supply in so that we can continue with the wonderful outings that we have in the community.

We are now very capable of making our own toasted cheese sandwiches, so as from next week we will be learning to make fresh sandwiches with healthy fillings....mmm... we are wondering the choices might be!!!!!!

Enjoy your weekend.