Friday, 29 November 2013

Oh My is week 7!!!!

Morning all...yeah the sun has finally returned! It has been a wet and miserable week.

We have been continuing with our learning about healthy food .
On Tuesday we were on a put together a skeleton . We all had one each..all the bones had been cut out for us and all we had to do was to put them together...well that was the plan!!
We got out our body book so that we could match up all of the bones.
Luke B was incredible ..he was a real whizz at it so we decided to call him Mr Bowen the Orthopaedic Surgeon!!!!

Our whizz!

  It took us some time to join all the body parts together with the pins but we were very pleased with the final outcome.
After some discussion we all decided  to give our skeletons a name that was different to ours.

Every day this week we have been writing sentences about healthy eating and exercising and keeping a food diary.

We have decided that it is okay to have treats now and again but we need to eat lots of healthy food for our bodies and brains to work properly.

On Thursday we chose to make popcorn as our healthy snack.
It is easy to make and is delicious to eat.

Fingers crossed that the sun stays with us over the weekend.!!

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