Thursday, 24 November 2016

Kia Ora

Hello everyone

It has been a funny old week weather wise....some days hot while today was very chilly!

More planting in our garden this week....beans, lettuces and silver beet.

We are still having trouble with either the birds or slugs eating our plants.

We have put up plastic bags around the plants to frighten off the birds.

We hope that what ever is eating our plants will go away so that our vegetables will grow and we can take them home to our families.

Every Thursday we have to give some thought about what we have done for someone during the past week.

                       This week  our team did something for our school.

        Mrs Coleman had a letter for all the neighbours of Waimairi School. 

                                    We delivered them for her.

          It was a great way to have some exercise as well as doing a good deed.

It was a superb sunny day to be out delivering the letters

Can I please put this one in?    We know why!!!!!

                     Have you done something for someone this week?

                                Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Friday, 18 November 2016

Christmas is on it's way!!!

Kia Ora everyone.

Christmas is on it's way so we decided we had better get organised and start making some gifts for our parents.     Shhh....don't tell them!

It was decided to make Christmas wreaths so we all went for a walk down the walkway and collected little pine cones seeds and twigs to decorate them.

While we were out walking we could hear the very loud sound of chain saws. It wasn't hard to work out where the sound was coming from.
Up over the bridge we went to watch the men cutting down a very very tall tree.
They had to climb up the tree to start chopping it down. They were wearing a harness and hard hats.
We all thought that they were very brave.
When the tree finally fell it made a huge cracking sound and made the earth jump...a bit like a very mini earthquake.

To keep everyone safe the street was all blocked off to  traffic.


The machine at the back of the truck munched up all the branches and out came wood chips!!!

Our Christmas wreaths....

We mixed salt and flour together then added water to make the dough. Then we kneaded the dough until it was smooth.  On a piece of cardboard we made a circle for the dough to go around and then we decorated it with the cones and seeds that we had found.

When they were finished they went into the oven to cook on a very low temperature.

Next week we will spray them with gold paint.

Remember this is a secret so don't tell our parents!!!!!

Another healthy eating choice......smoothies.

Cheers!    This group chose banana for their smoothie

Addison made a fabulous job of cutting up the strawberries

Thanks Meagan for getting the banana ready...

Cheers......the strawberry and banana mixed together was delicious!

If you are feeling peckish this weekend make a smoothie. They are good for you and are so delicious!

A confession......we did add ice cream to ours!!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

What fun we have had today......

Today we went with all the children from Te Puna to the Canterbury A and P Show.

It was fun going on the bus and sitting up high so that we could see everything that we don't normally see when we are in the car.

These are things we liked the best about the show.

Desharne....I loved the motor cross because I love motor bikes. I would have liked to have stayed longer.

Ben...I liked the old tractors and seeing how they worked in the olden days. There was a tractor that was 100 years old that was really good.

Gabby....I liked everything about the show...the animals from WillowBank and the motor bikes.

Meagan....I enjoyed seeing all the cows. I liked patting the animals.

Addison....I liked watching the horses jumping over things. It was great touching the rabbits.

Aieshar....I loved watching the horses, the band that was playing dancing music and the lady that was doing all the tricks on the stage.

Ryan...I really liked looking at all the machines. There was a machine making bubbles. It was fun to watch. I was more interested in the machines than the animals.

Jasiah...I loved watching the motor cross because the motors looked great roaring around and getting stuck.

Aaron....I liked the motor bikes because they were really cool.I liked touching and holding the animals...especially the goats.

Getting our tattoos from the people at St John Ambulance

Fun with the rugby balls..

A very cute kid...a baby goat

The cute piglets

I really like goats...

We all loved being able to touch the animals

Waiting our turn to hold the rabbits

We all hope that you enjoy the long weekend....we are going to!!

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Week 4

Kia Ora,

We have been exploring healthy options to make.
Last week we cooked potatoes which we had with sour cream, grated cheese and parsley. They were delicious and something we could all make at home to help our busy parents.

First we had to prick the potato with a fork

Then we put all the potatoes into the microwave to cook

While they were cooking we chopped the parsley and grated the cheese

Time to enjoy our potatoes

Another healthy option that  we have  made  was individual salads. We had grated carrot, lettuce, cucumber, cheese and tomatoes in  them.

On Wednesday we were SO lucky.      Gabby's granddad invited us all out to his farm to see the animals there. 

Giving the donkey a brush...

Sue encouraging Aieshar to feel the donkeys fat tummy.
Guess what she could feel?.

Ryan was really interested  in the solar power panels

Collecting eggs...

A treasure!!!!

The amazing vegetable garden

Our vegetable garden has been planted but the naughty birds have been eating our vegetable plants. A big thank you to Dee our caretaker for covering them with netting so the birds cant get at them.

We are going to have to water our plants nearly every day from now on because the temperatures are getting warmer.   Fingers crossed that the birds stay away!!!     We want to be able to take the veggies home to our families when they grow.