Thursday, 22 November 2012

A and P Show

We hope that you all enjoyed your long weekend.

Last Thursday we all had a fun day at the A and P Show.

The smell of the animals didn't appeal to some of us but it was amazing being able to pat and cuddle so many different animals.

Aieshar would have stayed all day with the lambs
She thought that they were very soft and cuddly.
This dog just loved all the attention from Katelyn!

There was so much to see at the show. We climbed on tractors,talked to the lady in the Ambulance,watched horses  jumping over fences,saw very strong men chopping wood and had heaps of fun dancing to the music.
Luke B was fantastic...he was a real tidy kiwi and went around collecting rubbish.
We were all VERY tired when we got back to school!!!!!
We watched  Carrot and Pickle's show. They are very funny clowns.

Here is our super duper tidy kiwi out looking for rubbish!

Friday, 9 November 2012


Last week we planted sunflower seeds and already they have started to grow.

For art this week we drew sunflowers with pastels and then dyed them, In the middle of the sunflowers we glued on poppy seeds to make them look like  real sunflowers!

Gayle and Rachel said that we were fantastic artists! They were very proud of our work.

Wednesday arrived and we were once again participating in Get Out, Get On,Be Challenged.

We had some laughs trying to jump in our sacks for the sack race!

We have  missed George and Luke this week and hope that they will be back soon.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Apologies again!!!!!!

Sorry there are no photos this week as there has been issues with downloading!

We have had a very busy week.

On Wednesday we were all super stars at the Athletics.....we certainly lived up to this terms, Get Out. Get On. Be Challenged.
We all gave it our best and had a great time participating.

Our cutting skills have also been "tested" this week....we planted sunflower seeds and then got busy with the scissors cutting out petals....we are going to all make our own beautiful sunflower!

On Thursday we were just about to start making Easy Egg Tarts when we had a surprise visit from a hen and her four chicks. They were all so cute and soft, What a treat getting to hold them.

Then it was back in to make our tarts.....they had eggs,ham,cheese and parsley in them. They were very scrummy! It is a shame we haven't got any photos to show you but they were so easy to make that we will all be able to make them at home for lunch one day!!.