Thursday, 26 May 2016

Week 4

Kia Ora,

We have sad news…….
Luke had an accident last weekend and is at home with his elbow in plaster.
We were missing him so we made a card for him. When we had completed it we walked to his house to deliver it.
Sadly he was at a hospital appointment so we didn't get to see him.
We are hoping that he will be back at school on Monday.

Thanks Meagan for decorating one of the pages with stickers.

The completed card.
Today Ryan taught us all how to play four square.
He drew the lines on the carpet and we played inside as it was quite chilly outside .
Thank you Ryan….you were a very patient teacher.    We are hoping to play it again next week.

It was a busy day for Ryan today as it was his choice for baking as well!!
He chose chocolate chip biscuits.
We made them with gluten free flour so that Gabby can eat them.
They were delicious and nearly all of us had two each!!

Cracking eggs open is a tricky business….

Now for the electric beater to mix all the ingredients together...

Now it's time for the eggs to go into the bowl….

Team work….

The final product…..

Ryan's mum sent Gayle a photo of where they live.
When we looked at it we all had a connection to the homes that we live in!

Next week we are going to compare our homes to the homes in Samoa.

For our learning we are  looking at homes from around the world and comparing to ours.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Week 3

As promised…our Autumn sketching.

What do you think?
We were very proud of ourselves.

This week it was Gabby's choice for baking . She chose meringues.   We used Gayle's  beater to beat the mixture until it looked like marshmallow! It was tasty even before we put the mixture in the oven!

Ryan kept a close eye on watching the mixture go from a liquid to marshmallow.

All ready for the oven tray….

We used baking paper on the baking tray then put spoonfuls of mixture on it.

Guess what we have been licking…….yes the spoon and bowl!!!!

Now to whip the cream to put on top of the meringue….



Yum…can I please have another….

Paul came today to show us how to make a whistle from a carrot.
He came with a carrot, drill and knife.
All went well until the final stage…there was no whistling sound so…..he went home to try making it again.        Remember Paul 'keep on trying".
He will come back again to make one for everyone once he has worked out how to get a sound from the carrot.

We also had a trip to the Museum to look and learn all about early Maori housing.
We are going to compare our homes with the early Maori homes……mmm….can you guess what is going to be the same.
Next week we will go and look at the homes that we live in and do a comparison.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Term 2 Week 2

Kia Ora,

We have continued on with our Autumn theme by sketching  Autumn leaves.

Have you ever looked really closely at a leaf?

There is a line  that goes through the middle of the looks like  a spine  with ribs coming off it!!!    Just like our body!!!

Sorry there are no photos of them but they will be here by next week!
We think that you will be impressed!!

We had such a wonderful time on Tuesday with Kaitoro time.
There were so many activities to choose from.
We all really enjoy this time especially when we get to act out in the different dress ups that we have.

Playing cards with Rachel....

Making chocolate biscuits.....

Flu injections for teddy and the doll....

Afternoon Programme bakery....

Today it was Aaron's choice for baking or cooking.   He chose sausages so we got busy and cooked them in the oven.

While they were cooking we learnt how to set a table.

We made little holes in the sausage with a fork so that the sausage wouldn't split open.....

Into the oven......

Table set so now we just have to wait for the sausage.....

Using a knife and fork...

The sausages were delicious especially with tomato sauce. We are hoping that we can do this again.

Have a superb weekend everyone.