Thursday, 30 June 2016

Min-ga-la-ba...Hello from Burma / Myanmar

This week we have been talking about Burma or Myanmar as some people call it.

The houses there are so different to what we live in.  Some are on poles above the water. We thought that would be great to fish from but not to live in .  We think that we are lucky to live in NZ in the homes that we have because we have more room inside our homes and more land to play on.

Gayle told us lots of facts about Burma, its food and people...she has been there to see all the wonderful things that Burma has to offer.
We heard about the young boys that leave their families to train to become monks....we weren't so sure that we would like to do that.

Our whare...time to get into action putting it all together!

Gayle had a car load of cartons so we all went and helped her take them to Learning Support and then we worked in pairs to put the boxes together with masking tape.

Awesome team work you two!!!!

Stacking the boxes ready for stage two....

Lets try stacking them this way......
   With stage one completed it was time for Paul to come to school and help us glue the cartons together.

Paul arrived with his chalking gun that had a tube of liquid nails.
When we pressed the trigger a very gooey brown glue came out.

Great concentration Jasiah!

Now to press the carton down so that the glue will hold it in place....

Time for a spot of measuring to see how high the whare will be.....

Listening and learning.....

So now we have to wait for the glue to dry, then Paul will come back to help us make the roof for our whare.

See you next week Paul!!

Have a relaxing weekend everyone.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Hola....from Spain

Have you been to Spain?

We haven't but we have been looking at homes in Spain to see if they are the same as ours.

After looking at many photos we decided that they were similar but quite different.    Does that make sense to you?

Many of the homes were painted white. We wondered if this was because Spain is a hot country.

We saw some homes that were carved out of a amazing is that?

                       Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!!

You should have been with us on Tuesday...we all went out to Gayle's car as she said that there was a surprise in her boot!

What could it be?

When we opened the boot there before our eyes were boxes of Duplo!!   It was like Christmas. 

We took it all back to Learning Support very eager to get the boxes open but we had to wait....sigh.......

First we had to write a thank you letter to the PTA as they had provided the money to buy it.

Now to follow the instructions....

I am so excited about this!!

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Gayle and Rachel were just so impressed at how we could all follow the instructions from the booklets  and put all the scenes together.

                  Thank you so much Waimairi PTA!!

Jasiah's choice for cooking.....

Jasiah chose nachos, chilli beans,cheese and sour cream for us all to try.

Some people in our group are experts at grating cheese and they were able to show us their skill at doing it.

Ryan...the champion cheese grater!!!

On go the chilli beans...

Now for the cheese...

More cheese....

All ready for the oven...

Now it is time to eat this delicious food....

Thanks Desharne for coming in early and setting the table for us.....your a star!!

              Have a wonderful weekend everyone...see you next week!

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Annyeong.......hello from South Korea

Kia ora,

On a wonderful sunny afternoon we all went for a walk to Desharne and Jasiah's house to take photos.

The photos will go on the wall with all the other photos of homes around the world.

This week we looked at homes from South Korea. There were many different types and we could see that some were very similar to our homes.

There were some differences though.....some of the roofs were a different shape to ours.  

  We learnt that these homes are the traditional Korean homes.   

Quite a few of the homes had beautiful water features around them while others were very, very close to one another.                                                                                           

They didn't have large sections like we do....we wondered where the children went when they wanted to play outside.

Have you ever had chocolate brownie?

We made it was Desharne's choice.

Mixing the softened butter and sugar...

Mixing it REALLY well...

Supporting one another....

Now to mix in the eggs...

The mixture has gone brown because we added cocoa.....

Before going into the oven....

Out of the oven and ready to eat!!!!

We all enjoyed fact we loved it so much some of us had three pieces!!!

It was very foggy and chilly this morning but it turned out into a magnificent day......enjoy it everyone before the sun disappears!!

Friday, 10 June 2016

Plans and banana splits!!!

We all hope that you enjoyed your long weekend because we did!!

This week has seen us being very busy drawing up plans for our whare that we are going to build.
Paul is going to come in and help us build it.

Now we have to get together and work out what we are going to make our whare out of......we have some ideas already!

 Paul came to see us yesterday to see if he could make some more of those whistles from carrots.....he was keeping on trying.
He had success!! Three of us were lucky enough to take one home and he will be back to make some more so that everyone gets one to take home.

Desharne was so interested in the process ....

The whistle made a very loud noise....

There was great excitement on Thursday as it was Meagan's choice for baking.   She chose to make banana splits!!!

We needed bananas, chocolate sauce...thank you Gabby and Aieshar, ice cream and marshmallows...thank you Luke.

         It was just like doing art as we all made stunning creations with our        ingredients...there wasn't a crayon in sight just yummy food!!!

Now for the chocolate decoration..... we think you might end up as a chef one day Desharne

Gabby was very pleased with her plate of creativity..

Well done just to eat all that yummy food.

Ryan put so much thought into his design...fantastic work Ryan

Now to decorate with marshmallows...

Here comes the chocolate sauce.....

You picked the right day to visit Jasiah!!!

Aieshar was very keen to start eating her wonderful work!!

How was that Desharne?

We will all be able to make this at home now for our families because we know that they will really enjoy eating it.   Great choice Meagan!

The weather forecast is looking very promising for the weekend so we all need to get out and enjoy it. Have a fun weekend.