Thursday, 23 June 2016

Hola....from Spain

Have you been to Spain?

We haven't but we have been looking at homes in Spain to see if they are the same as ours.

After looking at many photos we decided that they were similar but quite different.    Does that make sense to you?

Many of the homes were painted white. We wondered if this was because Spain is a hot country.

We saw some homes that were carved out of a amazing is that?

                       Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!!

You should have been with us on Tuesday...we all went out to Gayle's car as she said that there was a surprise in her boot!

What could it be?

When we opened the boot there before our eyes were boxes of Duplo!!   It was like Christmas. 

We took it all back to Learning Support very eager to get the boxes open but we had to wait....sigh.......

First we had to write a thank you letter to the PTA as they had provided the money to buy it.

Now to follow the instructions....

I am so excited about this!!

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Gayle and Rachel were just so impressed at how we could all follow the instructions from the booklets  and put all the scenes together.

                  Thank you so much Waimairi PTA!!

Jasiah's choice for cooking.....

Jasiah chose nachos, chilli beans,cheese and sour cream for us all to try.

Some people in our group are experts at grating cheese and they were able to show us their skill at doing it.

Ryan...the champion cheese grater!!!

On go the chilli beans...

Now for the cheese...

More cheese....

All ready for the oven...

Now it is time to eat this delicious food....

Thanks Desharne for coming in early and setting the table for us.....your a star!!

              Have a wonderful weekend everyone...see you next week!

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