Thursday, 30 June 2016

Min-ga-la-ba...Hello from Burma / Myanmar

This week we have been talking about Burma or Myanmar as some people call it.

The houses there are so different to what we live in.  Some are on poles above the water. We thought that would be great to fish from but not to live in .  We think that we are lucky to live in NZ in the homes that we have because we have more room inside our homes and more land to play on.

Gayle told us lots of facts about Burma, its food and people...she has been there to see all the wonderful things that Burma has to offer.
We heard about the young boys that leave their families to train to become monks....we weren't so sure that we would like to do that.

Our whare...time to get into action putting it all together!

Gayle had a car load of cartons so we all went and helped her take them to Learning Support and then we worked in pairs to put the boxes together with masking tape.

Awesome team work you two!!!!

Stacking the boxes ready for stage two....

Lets try stacking them this way......
   With stage one completed it was time for Paul to come to school and help us glue the cartons together.

Paul arrived with his chalking gun that had a tube of liquid nails.
When we pressed the trigger a very gooey brown glue came out.

Great concentration Jasiah!

Now to press the carton down so that the glue will hold it in place....

Time for a spot of measuring to see how high the whare will be.....

Listening and learning.....

So now we have to wait for the glue to dry, then Paul will come back to help us make the roof for our whare.

See you next week Paul!!

Have a relaxing weekend everyone.

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