Saturday, 27 February 2016

Week 4

Kia Ora

We have been talking a lot about vegetables lately but what does a vegetable garden actually look like?

Some of us weren't very sure so it was time to go and find out.
Did you know that there are vegetables growing in the  gardens at our school?

Rooms 16/17, 14/15  and 7/8 all have amazing vegetable gardens.
The vegetables all looked so healthy.
Gayle said that they were far better than the veggie garden that she has at her house!!!

Mrs Bentall from Room 17 said that we could pick some of thier beans so we did and took them back to learning Support and cooked them.

Looking for beans...

Luke was in charge of collecting as the beans.
They were grown by his class mates. 

                                     Luke and Aaron had never tried beans before.
                            They decided to give them a go and enjoyed eating them!!!
                                  Well done Aaron and Luke for trying something new.

Topping and tailing our beans...... 

I'm giving this a isn't too bad!!!!!

The first taste of a bean.........

veggie garden outside Rooms 14 and 15

A great crop of coriander

Runner beans

What is this?     It is silver beet.

If you are passing by our school you should pop in to see these fabulous veggie gardens....all cared for by the students from Waimairi School.

We are wondering if we should start a veggie garden near Learning Support.....mmm we will do some thinking about that!

Hope you are all enjoying the incredible weather that we are having this weekend.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Off on a veggie hunt....

Kia Ora

We all thought that we needed to broaden our knowledge about vegetables so off we went to Countdown at Northlands.

It wasn't just about looking at vegetables...we had been set some tasks .

 Do you know the song about going on a  Bear Hunt?   Well it was just like that except we were  going on a Veggie Hunt!!!!!

We had to find...our favourite vegetable,  a vegetable we had never seen before,  a vegetable we didn't like and then we had a to find an is also called an egg plant.

Carrots are our favourite!

Cucumber is mine...

And mine is broccoli!

I tried kumera last week and i really liked it!!

Then we looked for the veggie we liked the least....

Guess what...we don't like broccoli!!

And for us it is parsnip!
Finding the aubergine was really tricky.   Gayle and Rachel gave us clues but we still couldn't find them.
When  we finally found it we  all thought it was a beautiful looking vegetable. It was purple and all shiny.

"The Team"

 As we found out not only do you buy vegetables when they are fresh but you can also get them in a tin and frozen so off we went on another hunt.

I just love beetroot!!

They are very cold!!

We are exploring music for our Arts Topic so this week we started with clapping the beats in our name, using instruments to make sounds in a story, playing instruments in time with the piano and being a conductor.

Being a conductor was so much fun....the rest of the team...including Gayle had to watch very carefully for our, slow. loud. They had to follow what ever the baton did !!

We are hoping that we will be doing this again next week!!

Friday, 12 February 2016

Our vegetable afternoon and an outing.....

Kia Ora everyone,

We hope that you have all had a superb week and are enjoying the wonderful weather that we are experiencing.

Tuesday was the day for our vegetable tasting  afternoon.

We cooked up peas, kumera, corn on the cob, broccoli and had raw carrots.

There was a bit of a mixed reaction to the veggies...some of us loved them while others couldn't bear to taste them.
 We will have another 'veggie' afternoon later in the term so that we can all keep on trying to have another taste!!!

Ryan was amazing....when it came for him to taste the kumera and broccoli he told us that he had never tried these veggies before but was prepared to give it go....and he did!!!  At first his face showed us that he wasn't all that keen on them but at the final swallow there was a huge smile.
Ryan you are a super star!! kept on trying!!!!

This corn on the cob is very tasty!

Mmm...I'm not too sure about these peas but I will give it a go!

I'm going to try everything!

I'm quite good at eating my vegetables!

Gabby tried every vegetable!!!

We realised that there was heaps to learn about vegetables, not only the names of them but how they grow.   Some grow under the ground while others grow on top.

Some vegetables are actually fruit....did you know that?
Tomatoes are actually a fruit as are cucumbers...but we know them as vegetables.
We will continue to learn more about vegetables during the next few weeks.

Thursday.....what an amazing afternoon we had!!!!

Since returning to school we have been reading Margaret Mahy stories and on Thursday we went to the playground that has been names after her....see the connection?

It was such a cool afternoon playing on all the fabulous equipment there.
We did wish that we had had our togs with us though as it was very hot and we would have loved to have cooled down in the water there.

Afterwards we had a chat about our afternoon .... we all thought that Margaret Mahy would  have been very pleased and proud  that such a fabulous place was named after her.
We thought it was sad that she isn't here to see it.

This is so cool!

Add caption

Oh my goodness...this is awesome!
Can we get one of these at school please Mr Anderson?

A little bit of time out.....

And here he comes....

This is hard work...time for a drink!


Deep in thought about how this works...
We just wish that we could have stayed longer at the Margaret Mahy playground but hopefully we might get to go back again sometime soon!!! We will just have to wait and see!!!!

If you haven't been to this amazing place, you should try and go this weekend.
If you do get to go have a wonderful time!!

Friday, 5 February 2016

We are back!!!

     Kia Ora

After a wonderful holiday break we are all very happy to be back at school and the Afternoon Programme.

It was fun catching up with all of our friends although some of us had met up during the holidays.

Gabby celebrated her 11th birthday with her friends during the holidays. On Wednesday she had a belated celebration with us!!!

Have a superb year  Gabby!!!

On our first day back we had a chat about what we would like to do for baking/cooking this term.
We all had the opportunity to choose one idea.

Luke B chose broccoli …to which there were a few funny faces pulled  but that got us thinking about vegetables.
It turns out that not many of us like vegetables so guess what… week we are having a vegetable afternoon!!
We all chose one vegetable each….a few of us needed lots of encouragement to find a vegetable of our choice!!
The veggies chosen are broccoli ,carrots,corn on the cob, kumera, potatoes and peas.
We will let you know how it goes!!!

The other choices for baking/cooking were scrambled eggs on toast. gingerbread people, pancakes, chocolate biscuits and scones.

First up were the scones….we made them yesterday.

Measuring the flour...

Cutting the butter…..

Mixing all the ingredients together so it looks like breadcrumbs

Mmm….Im not sure whether I am enjoying this...

Giving it a final mix with the wooden spoon...

Our gluten free scones!

We are just back at school and now we have another holiday on Monday!
Enjoy your Waitangi Weekend!