Saturday, 27 February 2016

Week 4

Kia Ora

We have been talking a lot about vegetables lately but what does a vegetable garden actually look like?

Some of us weren't very sure so it was time to go and find out.
Did you know that there are vegetables growing in the  gardens at our school?

Rooms 16/17, 14/15  and 7/8 all have amazing vegetable gardens.
The vegetables all looked so healthy.
Gayle said that they were far better than the veggie garden that she has at her house!!!

Mrs Bentall from Room 17 said that we could pick some of thier beans so we did and took them back to learning Support and cooked them.

Looking for beans...

Luke was in charge of collecting as the beans.
They were grown by his class mates. 

                                     Luke and Aaron had never tried beans before.
                            They decided to give them a go and enjoyed eating them!!!
                                  Well done Aaron and Luke for trying something new.

Topping and tailing our beans...... 

I'm giving this a isn't too bad!!!!!

The first taste of a bean.........

veggie garden outside Rooms 14 and 15

A great crop of coriander

Runner beans

What is this?     It is silver beet.

If you are passing by our school you should pop in to see these fabulous veggie gardens....all cared for by the students from Waimairi School.

We are wondering if we should start a veggie garden near Learning Support.....mmm we will do some thinking about that!

Hope you are all enjoying the incredible weather that we are having this weekend.

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  1. Gabby showed me these pictures of your vegetable exploring. I didn't know we had such lovely vegetable gardens at Waimairi!