Friday, 27 September 2013

Week nine....

Oh my is the end of term already !!!!
We are so pleased that the sun had finally arrived as Aieshar and Luke B are away on school camp this week.

Have you read Perfect Square by Michael Hall?
If you haven't it is definitely  worth going to the library to see if they have it.

From a perfect square we made a water fountain and a garden....have a look.

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What do you think?    We thought that we were all very artistic . Come in and see display on the wall in Learning Support if you have time.

Thank you all for reading our blog during Term 3.

We all hope that you have a fun filled holiday...keep safe and we will be back Week 1, Term 4!!!

Katelyn,Jeremy, Aieshar, Rachel, George, Luke B, Luke U, Rachel and Gayle

Friday, 20 September 2013

Off on a Spring hunt!

On Thursday we went on as Spring hunt to  the Terra Viva Garden shop to see all the plants that we could choose to put in our gardens at home. We were hoping to see lots of Spring bulbs but they had all gone. There was a huge display of vegetables that we could plant in our gardens and we all had to think about which one that we would like...some of us didn't want any!!!!!

Mmm...this would be great in our garden !!!

And what about these???

Mmm...what one will I choose?

Beautiful azaleas

After looking at all the plants we had a play in the play ground  that was there and then we  went into the cafe to have a treat!! We were all allowed to have a fluffy!!!!!
A lady that was having coffee there commented on how wonderful we all were and that we all had amazing manners! Rachel and Gayle were oh so proud of us!!!

This is great!

It is very fluffy!

I really like this!

I sometimes do this with my Mum.

Not bad!!

Just like adults do!!

No fluffy for me..I just wanted water!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Week 6....

We have had a busy week learning about famous buildings in France. There are so many beautiful old buildings. We wished that we could have some of them here in Christchurch!

noun.....    1.....a dessert of ice cream and fruit or ice cream and syrup in alternative layers,often topped with whipped cream and served in a tall, narrow short stemmed glass.
                 2...any frozen dessert in which fruit.nuts,etc have been folded into whipped cream or egg
Origin     French

So guess what we made...yes...parfaits to complete our French topic!!!

We read a story about Fancy Nancy who went out to a cafe and had a parfait....

It was delicimo! I had jelly, ice-cream , fruit and sprinkles.

My parfait was stupendous! I loved it all!!

It was okay. It didn't  taste like I had in mind. I would have liked chocolate sauce.

I didn't like it.

I really liked enjoyed it...I liked the jelly and ice cream. Thumbs up!!!

It was super duper delicious! I had rainbow sprinkles,jelly and ice cream.

I had jelly, sprinkles, fruit, chocolate chips and ice was thumbs up.Yum!!

We were meant to go to Hagley park to see all the daffodils on Thursday but it was very wet so we had a Teddy Bears picnic inside instead.
We made mini sandwiches for us and our teddies, had a teddy bear biscuit and a drink.
Our teddies were very tired when the picnic was over so we took them all home to bed....just like in the song.