Friday, 15 April 2016

End of term!

Wow! Wow! Wow!

What a huge week we have had!!!

On  Monday we celebrated with our friends from ESOL.
They came to visit us and learn what we had been learning about this term.
We showed them our conducting and then they had a turn .
Then we did our favourite...shredding paper to music.
We then sat and shared afternoon tea.
It was a very special afternoon making connections with them.
There were heaps of smiles from them so we guessed that they had enjoyed their time with us.

Tuesday saw us celebrating Luke B's last week with us. 

He chose to have a party, so we played games and had delicious food.
Then we shared our thoughts on what we thought of Luke. We are really going to miss him as we all thought he was one very thoughtful person.
At the end of our ceremony Luke was presented with a piece of greenstone from us all.

We played pin the tail on the cat...Luke choice

Now it's time for some food...

Time to tell Luke all the wonderful things that we think about him...

Luke  ...we are going to miss you!

Opening his gift...
Wednesday saw the school celebrating our Arts term.
We had so many visitors coming to see us . We told them all about our favourite for the term...shredding paper to music and then everyone had a turn.
Oh my was amazing seeing so many happy people!!!

So here we are at the end of yet another fabulous term.

Enjoy the holidays everyone.....have fun and keep safe.

Gabby, Luke B, Luke U, Aieshar, Ryan, Meagan and Aaron.


Nearly forgot!

We made a super card for Chris, telling her how wonderful we think she is and then we all went to her class and sang our goodbye song for her. We wish her all the best and hope that she will come back and visit us one day.

Meagan sang a song to was beautiful.

Last hugs.....