Friday, 15 December 2017

The end of term has arrived....

Christmas greetings to you all.

We have arrived at the last week of school for the year.

It has been a busy couple of weeks.

Ryan's mum Simone came in to help us make Christmas decorations.

The final product!

Both Simone and Gayle were very impressed at how easily we could put our decoration together.

End of term treat!

Gayle and Paul took us to the park for pizza and an ice-cream.

Some of us took our scooters and had fun at the scooter park after lunch.

We had such a cool time that we didn't want to go back to school!!!

Time to say  goodbye....

Four of us are leaving Waimairi School.

Gabby, Aieshar and Desharne are all off to Intermediate. They are all excited about the new schools that they are going to.

Gayle is retiring , so we had a farewell afternoon tea for her.

It was a sad time and there were heaps of tears....we are going to miss all being part of this amazing team.

Merry Christmas everyone.

We hope that you have a safe, happy and fun filled holiday time.

Thank to all of you that have followed our journey on this blog.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Week 7

It is hard to believe that the school term is nearly over!

This term seems to have whizzed by so quickly.

We were so lucky this week to have Naoko come back and visit us. This time she came with her daughter, Moe who was just so lovely and helpful.

While Naoko massaged our hands and gave us a foot bath, Moe helped us make soaps that we are going to give our parents for Christmas.
Shhh....don't tell them!!

The hand massage and foot bath were amazing. We all felt so relaxed. The room smelt was the small of the essential oils.

Tyson thought that this was such a cool thing to do.....

Aaron said he felt like purring!!!! he just loved all the pampering!!

Thumbs up from Jacob

To make the soaps we had to melt a mixture in the microwave , then add an essential oil of our choice and some soap decorations. Then they went into a mould that we chose.

It was quite an easy process for us but Moe had done heaps of preparation and that is why is was quite easy.

Checking the soap mixture....

      Every Tuesday until the end of term we are off to the pool for a swim! 

                   It is wonderful to be able to cool off in this hot weather.

   A huge surprise happened yesterday for Gayle....Katelyn who used to be in the                               Afternoon programme came to visit her!!! 

       Gayle was just so thrilled to see her....she is much much taller than Gayle!!!
Thanks Katelyn for coming back to Waimairi

Enjoy the weekend everyone.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Week 5

Kia ora

Wow!  What a stunning day today!!

This week we have been working on some social skills.

We chose which ones  we  thought we had  to work on the most.

All of us were really confident about the way we look at people when we speak to them so we don't have to work on that.

When we arrived on Wednesday the floor was covered in boxes, material...all sorts of things.
We soon found out that it was 'creation' day and we could build whatever we wanted.
It was such fun.  Some us of us worked in pairs while others worked on their own.

                           Learning about fractions.....

Thank you Nicola for bringing in the ducklings...they were so                                              cute and soft!

Today we made scones and then had a Jenga competition....Jasiah was the winner!!

                                    Enjoy the long weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, 2 November 2017

What amazing weather we are having!!

Hola....from Spain

We all hope that you are enjoying the wonderful warm weather that we have been having this week.

Monday is our toast making day.
We are now able to get our own breakfast.....our spreading of the margarine and jam is almost perfect!!
Our parents are going to be very thrilled at how independent we are.

On Tuesday Gayle gave us a photo of  ladybugs climbing up grass.
Our mission was to make a ladybug picture using coloured paper and pens.
Some of us copied the picture that we were given while others of us created something different.

Ryan choice for this term was to make Ambrosia.

It had cream, yoghurt, boysenberries and marshmallows in your mouth watering?

We were meant to put the mixture in the fridge for three hours but it looked so delicious that we couldn't wait!

It was a bit of a mission getting the lid off the work was needed from Ryan and Jasiah

Beating the cream.....

Getting all the yoghurt out of the packet...

Team work...

Stirring the mixture...

Sorry but we are having trouble downloading the final pictures but we can tell you that the end result was  just would have loved it!!!

Bridget arrived just at the right time to do reading with Jacob.

Desharne very kindly went and got her a plate and spoon so that she could share some of this delicious desert.

Enjoy this wonderful weather over the weekend!