Thursday, 16 November 2017

Week 5

Kia ora

Wow!  What a stunning day today!!

This week we have been working on some social skills.

We chose which ones  we  thought we had  to work on the most.

All of us were really confident about the way we look at people when we speak to them so we don't have to work on that.

When we arrived on Wednesday the floor was covered in boxes, material...all sorts of things.
We soon found out that it was 'creation' day and we could build whatever we wanted.
It was such fun.  Some us of us worked in pairs while others worked on their own.

                           Learning about fractions.....

Thank you Nicola for bringing in the ducklings...they were so                                              cute and soft!

Today we made scones and then had a Jenga competition....Jasiah was the winner!!

                                    Enjoy the long weekend everyone!!!

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