Friday, 29 July 2016

Welcome back everyone!

We hope that you have all had a fantastic holiday....just like us.

This week the wonderful Mary joined our team as Gayle was away sick.
Thank you Mary for coming. We enjoyed having you as part of our team.

Exciting news!!! We have a new team member!!

Welcome is just fantastic to have you join us. We are really going to enjoy having you around as you have got such great ideas.

This term we are continuing on our greetings from around the world.

To start the term we headed off to Vanuatu......actually it would have been great heading there as it is a wonderful place to have a holiday!!

Miss Hudson came and spoke to us all about Vanuatu as she knows that country really well. She even organised Waimairi School to do some fundraising for them when they were struck by a terrible cyclone last year.

If you go to the office at school you will see how the money that we raised was spent.
The greeting in Vanuatu is just hi or hello....a bit like us here in New Zealand.

Time to paint our whare.....

Sorry we are having trouble down loading the photos...perhaps the computer thinks that we are still on holiday!!!

No baking this term....instead we will be cooking!!!

We all thought what we would like to make and we have come up with some superb suggestions!!
We will be amazing chefs by the end of the term so watch this space!!!

First up was Desharne's suggestion....Macaroni cheese.

For some of us it was the first time that we had ever tried macaroni cheese   and guess what    we all enjoyed it!!

Sorry no photos of this yummy meal either.....hopefully the computer will be better  behaved by next week and we can show you some photos.

Enjoy your weekend everyone....we have been so lucky having these wonderful sunny days, especially for this time of the year.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Last week of Term 2!

We are all looking forward to our holidays next week. It has certainly been a very busy term.

Today Paul came in to show us how to out the roof on our whare.

What is that bit going to be for Paul?

It is starting to look like the whares we saw at the Museum 

Next term we are going to be very creative and decorate it.

                                           Now for some end of term fun!!

Ollie and Jasiah playing Operation
How many monkeys can you balance?
We got into two teams for moon hopper races....

We created lots of noise as we encouraged our team members on......

After our race we sat at the table together and had an ice-cream and some bowls of popcorn....yum!

Our part time caretaker Graeme retired this week.

We made him a card thanking him for helping to  keep our school clean.

All the best Graeme for your retirement.

From us all at the Afternoon programme we wish you a happy, fun and safe holiday.

We will see you all next term.