Friday, 29 May 2015

Brrr… it is very cold this morning so keep warm!!!

Last week we told you about our flag designs… well here they are!!!

I have got stars and a pukeko on my flag.
I like yellow

On my flag I have got stars, a pukeko and a kiwi. I chose the pukeko and kiwi because I like them.
The stars are for New Zealand.

I chose the Southern Cross, a kiwi and a silver fern.
I painted the background green for the greenstone in New Zealand.
Luke B

I chose stars, a pukeko, a kiwi and a Maori design.
I painted my background black and blue.
The black is for the Maori people at Willowbank and so is the kiwi.

On my flag I have chosen a Maori man, a koru, a pukeko and a kiwi.
I painted my flag  red because it looks fancy.
I chose birds because they are from new Zealand.

On my flag I have got Jesus on the cross and stars.
I painted my flag black for the All Blacks.
I wanted a cross because it is for my church.
Luke U
Well what do you think?
We are wondering what Mr Key is going to say about them.
Imagine if he chose one of our flags.   We think that we might get rich if he does!!!!

Gayle and Rachel wanted science this term to be fun and boy it really was on Wednesday.
We made Corny Goo from cornflour and water.
The mixture was just like magic…it was all hard in our hands and then we opened our hands and it was all runny.
We just couldn't understand why this was happening but it didn't matter as we had such a fabulous time playing with it.

This would be a great activity to do at home on a cold day…..not on the carpet though!!

We hope that you all have a very enjoyable Queens Birthday weekend.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Gosh….it's week 5!!!!!

Some of us have heard that we might be getting a new flag for New Zealand.

We have heard this from our parents or on the radio.
I wonder what design that they will choose?

We thought that we could do our own designs and Gayle said she will send them to our Prime Minister John Key when we have completed them.

You will be amazed at what we have come up with.
So far we have painted our backgrounds but next week we will be able to show you the  final  product.

Our experiment this week was making a volcano.
We put on our lab coats and headed out to the sandpit to collect sand, then we made a mountain shape with it.
At the top of the shape we put half a toilet roll and pressed it into the sand.
Next was the baking soda, food colouring and then the...……vinegar. Oh my goodness you should have seen what happened….it was just like a real volcano erupting with lava.
We had dinosaurs at the bottom of our volcano and some of them died when our volcano erupted !!!

Collecting the sand

Wow this is heavy….I think I need the help of an adult...

Getting the dinosaurs in place….

Baking soda first...

Now the vinegar...

Now for some interaction between the dinosaurs….
  This experiment would be great to try at home. If you don't have any sand just use soil instead.

You should have come to see us on Thursday… we made gluten free Lemon and Poppy Seed cake.

It was scrumptious.

Supporting one another...

Squeezing the juice from the lemon

How many cups of flour?

Now for mixing all the ingredients together….

Nearly ready...
 See you next week!

Friday, 15 May 2015


Luke B was very thoughtful when he was choosing experiments for us to explore.

He decided that it would be kind to choose an experiment for Gabby and Aieshar… this week we put on our lab coats and prepared lavender and rose petals as we were making pot-pourri.

We had to put the petals and flowers on paper then put heavy books on top to help press the flowers down . It takes four weeks before the petals will be dry.
The roses smelt beautiful…we are wondering if they will still be smelling at the end of the four weeks.
We will let you know!

First we had to cut the stems off the lavender ...

Then carefully put the petals on the paper..

Four weeks is quite a long  time to have to wait to see if this works…but then scientists have to be very patient!!

We tried doing our bark rubbings on bark that Gayle had collected from a park. We were a bit disappointed at the results as the bark kept on breaking….mmm….how could we fix that?

After much thought we headed down to the trees on the field and tried with the paper straight on to the bark of the tree.
It worked!!!   It was such a windy day so we had to press the paper very firmly against the tree.

Next week we are painting blocks of wood which we are going to put the colour in Maori on them, so yesterday we went to the Resene paint shop at Tower Junction to purchase the paint.
We had to tell the lady what colour paint we needed in Maori and then we could choose any shade of that colour.

The staff there must have thought that we were amazing…and we are…because we were given a game, allowed to keep the paint chart, a balloon and a lollipop !!

After choosing all the colours we had time to play with the toys there and eat our lollipop.

There were so many colours to choose from!

Wow.. a paint tin filled with lollipops!

Ready to head back to school with our bag of goodies!!
              We have had a VERY busy week. We hope that you have had a busy week too.

Friday, 8 May 2015

What amazing weather….

Hope that you are all enjoying the incredible weather that we are having at the moment!

We are ! On Tuesday we all went for a walk to St James Park to have fun in the leaves!

We had SO much fun!     It is a wonder you didn't hear us laughing and screaming with delight!!

The leaves were all lying on the ground…some in very thick piles so we were able to scoop them up to have a leaf fight.

                    When we ran through the leaves they made a wonderful scrunchy sound.

   If the weather stays beautiful like it has been take a trip to St James Park and have some fun!

We told you about our rubbery egg experiment last week….oh my goodness you should come and have a look to see what has happened.

The egg has grown in size, lost its shell and is VERY rubbery. We think that the vinegar must have taken all the calcium from the shell.

This weeks experiment was all about seeing a change with steel wool using bleach, water and vinegar .
The steel wool was put into a snap lock bag and then we poured in  vinegar, water and bleach.

There was a reaction as soon as we did this…the liquid changed colour.

Yesterday when we took the steel wool out of the bag there was rust in the middle of the steel wool.
We are wondering if all of the steel wool will have changed to rust when we come to school on Monday.

Watch this space…we will let you know.