Thursday, 20 October 2016

Term 4

Welcome back everyone!

We hope that you all enjoyed your holidays and had heaps fun with your family and friends.

We all had a great break but are really pleased to be back at school.

This term we our learning is going to be around keeping ourselves healthy and happy.

Keeping ourselves healthy can mean lots of things.....we think it means

* drinking lots of water
* not eating heaps of sweet things with sugar in them
* eating  fruit and vegetables
* keeping ourselves fit
* doing exercise like scootering, biking and walking
* not drinking too much juice because it is full of sugar
* getting lots of sleep

We are going to be busy trying to put all these more into practise during the term.

We have also talked about the importance of wearing sunscreen and hats now that the warmer weather is here. We really do have to look after ourselves.

As you all know the season is Spring so we have been doing some Spring art.

There is still some work to do on our rainbows...we painted clouds on them but they need something extra so this week we will add cotton wool to them so that they will stand out more.

 Part of keeping ourselves healthy is eating healthy, fresh food so what better way to do this than to have our own garden at school.

This week we started planting vegetables .
When they have grown we are going to take them home to our families.

So far we have planted carrots, lettuce, silver beet, spinach and courgettes.

Now to become gardeners!!!!    We will be making sure our plants gets lots of water, especially on these hot days.

We will have updates on how our vegetables are growing .
If you have any handy hints for 'new' gardeners please let us know.