Friday, 28 March 2014


Min-ga-la-ba ......Hello in Burmese!

Treat day on Monday!!! We had ice-cream to celebrate Jeremy's birthday.

Happy Birthday Jeremy!
 We have been continuing our learning about Myanmar, so on Wednesday we all wrote questions to Lee who is Burmese.
Lee owns a Burmese restaurant called The Bodhi Tree so we went there on Thursday to deliver our questions.
Unfortnatley the restaurant wasn't  open so Aaron put the questions under the door.
We are looking forward to getting a reply.

Thanks Aaron.

Wishing that we could go inside and sample the food!!!

The Bodhi Tree is a very special tree that grows in Burma.
It is often found growing  in  areas where there are temples.

We are looking forward to Monday when we will see George again....he has been sick all week!!!

From all your friends....."Get well George"

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Whoops we forgot to say......

If you are at school and have a spare moment pop into Learning Support to see our New Zealand / Myanmar wall and all the photos of Myanmar.

See you soon!!


We have been continuing our learning about how different Myanmar and New Zealand are but  there are a few things that  we have a few things in common.

Gayle wanted to know which country we would like to live are the answers

Katelyn......New Zealand because Burma is very poor.

George.......New Zealand....with thumbs up.

Aieshar......New Zealand because all my family and friends live there.


Luke B.....Burma because it sounds like a fascinating country

Luke U ......New is the best country in the world!

Rachel......New Zealand because it is a lucky country .

Aaron........Burma because it has elephants and fish.

I wonder if we will all get to travel there one day!!

Did you know that Burma gets snow like us?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Kia Ora

Kia Ora everyone,

There are no photos this week as we have been busy looking at photos and not taking any!

Our new topic for the remainder of the term is looking at Myanmar/Burma and New Zealand/Aotearoa and comparing the two countries to see if we have anything in common.

After looking at all the photos we have decided that they both have two names, both countries have some ocean around them and they both have people that live there.
Next week we are going to see what else we can come up with while we learn some facts about Myanmar.

At the moment we all think that it Myanmar is a very different country to New Zealand and that we live very different lives.

We were all very surprised that the children don't have many things to play with....not like us...we have heaps!!!

On the tadpole front we now only have three tadpoles left.....we will keep you updated.

We were going to go out to feed the ducks this week but we had a visitor on Thursday so we stayed at school.
Hopefully if it is fine we may get to the gardens next week to feed the ducks.

Just need to tell you that we are all super duper experts at Happy Sticks and listening to music and repeating the beat.
If you would like to see us in action, just pop in and we will show you!!

Enjoy the weather before the big storm heads our way!!!
Keep safe
Aieshar, Katelyn, George, Luke U, LukeB, Jeremy, Aaron, Rachel, Rachel and Gayle.

Friday, 7 March 2014

We have sad news.....

We were all very sad on Monday when we found out that two of our tadpoles had died. One had turned into a froglet and managed to get itself onto the rock but that is where we found it...dead.

It was decided to have funeral for them and Luke B suggested that we make a coffin...and that is what we did..from cardboard.

Rachel dug a hole just outside Learning Support and we placed the coffin in it. The we filled the hole in with dirt and placed flowers and a cross on top of the grave.

So now we only have four tadpoles and we are hoping that they are going to stay healthy .
Rachel digging the hole...

Katelyn placing the coffin in the hole.

Covering the hole with soil.

Collecting flowers ....

Luke was very sad and thoughtful .

Placing flowers on the grave.

On Thursday we made pizza.

 You will notice in the photos that we are all wearing new aprons. Gayle gave them to us...she got them  from a night market in Mayanmar.

 We all decided what to put on the pizza...cheese, mushrooms, onion, tomato and pineapple.
Some of didn't like mushrooms so we only put them on one half of the pizza.
 Cutting up the onions was a new experience for us ....some of us had tears in our eyes!!!!
The pizza was so delicious that Rachel and Gayle had a piece.

Our new aprons!!

It even has a pocket!!

Those onions are hard work...

Now for the tomatoes.

After the tomato paste, Aieshar and Rachel put the cheese on top of the base

Already for the oven!!
                                We will all now be able to help Mum or Dad make pizza!!

                                          Enjoy the weekend...please stay away rain!