Friday, 28 March 2014


Min-ga-la-ba ......Hello in Burmese!

Treat day on Monday!!! We had ice-cream to celebrate Jeremy's birthday.

Happy Birthday Jeremy!
 We have been continuing our learning about Myanmar, so on Wednesday we all wrote questions to Lee who is Burmese.
Lee owns a Burmese restaurant called The Bodhi Tree so we went there on Thursday to deliver our questions.
Unfortnatley the restaurant wasn't  open so Aaron put the questions under the door.
We are looking forward to getting a reply.

Thanks Aaron.

Wishing that we could go inside and sample the food!!!

The Bodhi Tree is a very special tree that grows in Burma.
It is often found growing  in  areas where there are temples.

We are looking forward to Monday when we will see George again....he has been sick all week!!!

From all your friends....."Get well George"

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