Thursday, 2 November 2017

What amazing weather we are having!!

Hola....from Spain

We all hope that you are enjoying the wonderful warm weather that we have been having this week.

Monday is our toast making day.
We are now able to get our own breakfast.....our spreading of the margarine and jam is almost perfect!!
Our parents are going to be very thrilled at how independent we are.

On Tuesday Gayle gave us a photo of  ladybugs climbing up grass.
Our mission was to make a ladybug picture using coloured paper and pens.
Some of us copied the picture that we were given while others of us created something different.

Ryan choice for this term was to make Ambrosia.

It had cream, yoghurt, boysenberries and marshmallows in your mouth watering?

We were meant to put the mixture in the fridge for three hours but it looked so delicious that we couldn't wait!

It was a bit of a mission getting the lid off the work was needed from Ryan and Jasiah

Beating the cream.....

Getting all the yoghurt out of the packet...

Team work...

Stirring the mixture...

Sorry but we are having trouble downloading the final pictures but we can tell you that the end result was  just would have loved it!!!

Bridget arrived just at the right time to do reading with Jacob.

Desharne very kindly went and got her a plate and spoon so that she could share some of this delicious desert.

Enjoy this wonderful weather over the weekend!

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