Friday, 27 September 2013

Week nine....

Oh my is the end of term already !!!!
We are so pleased that the sun had finally arrived as Aieshar and Luke B are away on school camp this week.

Have you read Perfect Square by Michael Hall?
If you haven't it is definitely  worth going to the library to see if they have it.

From a perfect square we made a water fountain and a garden....have a look.

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What do you think?    We thought that we were all very artistic . Come in and see display on the wall in Learning Support if you have time.

Thank you all for reading our blog during Term 3.

We all hope that you have a fun filled holiday...keep safe and we will be back Week 1, Term 4!!!

Katelyn,Jeremy, Aieshar, Rachel, George, Luke B, Luke U, Rachel and Gayle

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  1. The Water Fountains and the gardens all look fantastic!!
    It's hard to believe that Term 3 is over!!
    Have a great holiday everyone...