Friday, 5 February 2016

We are back!!!

     Kia Ora

After a wonderful holiday break we are all very happy to be back at school and the Afternoon Programme.

It was fun catching up with all of our friends although some of us had met up during the holidays.

Gabby celebrated her 11th birthday with her friends during the holidays. On Wednesday she had a belated celebration with us!!!

Have a superb year  Gabby!!!

On our first day back we had a chat about what we would like to do for baking/cooking this term.
We all had the opportunity to choose one idea.

Luke B chose broccoli …to which there were a few funny faces pulled  but that got us thinking about vegetables.
It turns out that not many of us like vegetables so guess what… week we are having a vegetable afternoon!!
We all chose one vegetable each….a few of us needed lots of encouragement to find a vegetable of our choice!!
The veggies chosen are broccoli ,carrots,corn on the cob, kumera, potatoes and peas.
We will let you know how it goes!!!

The other choices for baking/cooking were scrambled eggs on toast. gingerbread people, pancakes, chocolate biscuits and scones.

First up were the scones….we made them yesterday.

Measuring the flour...

Cutting the butter…..

Mixing all the ingredients together so it looks like breadcrumbs

Mmm….Im not sure whether I am enjoying this...

Giving it a final mix with the wooden spoon...

Our gluten free scones!

We are just back at school and now we have another holiday on Monday!
Enjoy your Waitangi Weekend!

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