Friday, 18 December 2015


There has been great excitement this week....Christmas is nearly here and we have have done som really cool things this week.

The highlight for us was going up to Northlands Mall.

We had all chosen to go to the Elephant Park for our final get together and have fish and chips but the weather wasn't kind to us so the next choice was going to the Mall to McDonalds.

When we arrived at the mall we saw this ginormous TV screen and wondered what it was for. 
We watched what was happening and then all decided to go and have a turn.
Oh my was so much fun.  We all laughed and danced. It was called Winter Wonderland.
If you haven't been you should go and have some fun there.

Here we go...watching ourselves on the big screen.....

Wow!!! Movie stars!!

Then we all went down to McDonalds where we were given money so that we could go up on our own and order what we wanted.
We had great manners and wonderful eye contact.
We had the choice of choosing either an ice cream or fries.

After we had eaten we all had a turn at wishing Ethan all the best for his new school and telling him all things we loved about him.

Luke telling Ethan how much he will be missed...

Gabby's turn to farewell Ethan

Yesterday we packed up the Christmas tree and gathered together all the goodies that we have made for our parents.

    We hope our parents enjoy the sweet treats that we made for them and the decorations and card.
                                             We really enjoyed making these for them.

 Well thats about all from us for 2015.  
 We hope that you have enjoyed reading about what we have learning and what we have achieved.
We wont forget what has been said to us MANY times this year........Keep on trying !!! 

 Wishing you all a happy Christmas and a fun New Year.
 Keep safe and we will be back in 2016.

Gabby, Luke B, Aaron, Aieshar, Luke U, Ethan, Ryan, Rachel and Gayle

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