Friday, 4 December 2015

Christmas is on it's way!!!!

                                                    'Christmas is a time for love,

                                            A time for being with the people you really love,

                                           So open your hearts 

                                            And let the giving begin

                                            Cause then you will know the true meaning of                   


We have been practising this song and many others as next week we are off to entertain the residents at Wesley Care Rest Home.

So to get us in the real spirit of Christmas we put up our tree and decorated it!!

First we had to assemble the tree

Right!!! Now for the decorations….

Now to get the decorations out of the cupboard….

Mmm….I think I will find a special place for this

                    We sang Christmas songs as we decorated the tree. It was so much fun!!

I think this tree is looking very beautiful..

Luke was so busy…he found the box with all the window decorations and  decorated the window all by himself!!

After we had finished decorating the tree we got very creative with the box that the tree was in.

We all had such a fun afternoon working together as a team to make Learning Support look so amazing with all of the decorations. We were all very pleased with our work!

Now for decorations for the table….

We are wondering if Luke B is going to go to Design school as he was very creative with the decorations. WE all helped with the table but Luke did the final tweaking.

'Lets join hands around the world

And be together in peace and harmony

We will open our hearts 

And let the giving begin

And then we will  know the true meaning of Christmas'.

Yes Christmas is about giving but it doesn't have to be just giving gifts…..

That is why we are going on Monday to entertain the elderly as we think they will love us coming to see the.

We will let you know next week how it went.


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