Friday, 27 November 2015

Week 7

Have you ever tried listening to sounds being made that you cant see?

That is what we did this week for the final of our senses.

It was the sense of hearing.

We sat looking one way while Gayle made different sounds behind us.
You should try is quite a hard thing to do because you cant see what is going on!!!

We all knew what this was...water being poured into a bowl.

Thinking, thinking.....some were quite hard to work out.

Aieshar knew this one!

Yes! We all know what that is.

Ive got it....

Spoons banging together.

Rakau sticks ...what a noise they make!

We got this was air  freshener being sprayed

We know this...the sound of a tambourine.
 After listening to all of the different sounds we all sat very quietly and listened to the sounds that we could hear in our room.

You should try sitting very still for a short time and see what you can hear around you.

You hear so many sounds that you wouldn't  normally hear if you were in a busy room.
We found that Learning Support makes a lot of creaky sounds.....we hadn't heard these until we sat very quietly.

Enjoy your looks like it is going to be very windy so be careful out there.

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