Friday, 20 November 2015

Week 6!!

The weeks are passing by so quickly so we have been busy practising our Christmas songs as we are planning a trip to visit the elderly at Wesley Care Rest Home.

One of the songs that we have been practising needs some props so on Wednesday we all went to Northlands Mall to search for them.

It was fun looking for an angel, candy cane, a light and a star.
We managed to get them all except for the angel…Gayle is going to look in her Christmas decorations this weekend to see if she has one for us.

Our senses…as you know we have five senses….touch, taste, hearing, smell and seeing.

This week we explored the two t's…touch and taste.

We put our hand into the feely bag and felt around for something to pull out…then we had to describe what it felt like.
Some of the objects in the bags felt smooth, bumpy, hard, soft, rough and bendy.
We also talked about what things we could touch that were wet and slimy.
We weren't all that keen on the slimy things!!!!

This is hard and cold

 Now to taste…. 

For part of this we had to put on the blindfold, taste the product , then guess what it was.

This is quite a difficult thing to do when you can't see!!!

Mmm….I think that this is chilli sauce!    I like it!
Yes Luke you were right!!!!

This is very hot…can I please have a drink?

Is that kiwi fruit?

Then we had a plate that had different foods on it and we had to try them all and guess what they were.

No blindfold this time so we were on the button with most of them.
The coconut stumped some of us!

Gabby trying this…yes you are right…soya sauce.

Let's hope that the sun is going to shine this weekend so that we can all get out side and play in it.

Just remember to wear your sun hat and put sun block on!

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