Thursday, 12 November 2015

Farewell to a special lady and Show Day….

On Tuesday we went over to the office to farewell our gorgeous Sue who is retiring.

We changed the words to Ka Kite and sang them to her.

We are going to miss her as she is so kind to us and helps everyone .

Gabby giving Sue the card that we made…..

Looking at the card together….

A group hug for our Sue.

Today we all went to the A and P Show.
It was VERY cold…in fact at one part of the morning it hailed!!!!!
Despite the weather we all had a very enjoyable time looking and holding the animals, climbing on the tractors,watching motor bikes do tricks and lots more.

Boys and their toys...

And girls….

Holding a turkey chick...

Learning about bees…..
Connections were made…..

And here is Gabby's Granddads calf…..

Gabby was so excited to find the Willowbank exhibition and see the animals from there.

We were all very tired by the time we got back to the bus so this afternoon we had a lovely calm  afternoon with some learning choices and stories.

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  1. That sounds like fun! and I think that day i went there to.