Friday, 11 March 2016

Week 6

We are all excited to announce that we have new team member!
A huge welcome to Meagan!

We just love that smile of yours Meagan!!

It has been interesting listening to the different music choices that we all have.

We were all asked to think about our favourite song so that we could all enjoy listening to one anthers music.

We Will We Will Rock You was Luke B's choice.
We watched Queen playing it on Youtube then we all clapped and stamped our feet to the beat. We thought that the instruments played in the song were drums and different types of guitars.

Ryan chose a song from the movie Frozen. He loves this song as it is his favourite and his family love it too.
We found it quite hard to dance to.

Aaron's choice was the music from Five Nights At Freddys.  Some of us had never heard that music before. Aaron was fantastic at dancing to the music but others of us found it quite difficult.

Meagan chose Your Lips Are Moving by Meagan Trainer.
Gabby Nad Meagan watches the video and followed the dance moves to the music…the boys just watched!!!

Our In The Woods by Taylor Swift was Gabb'ys choice.
It was a quiet song that was slow in tempo at times.  Gabby knew most of the words.

Luke loves Lego so his choice was Everything Is Awesome. It is from the Lego Movie.
We all thought it was very hard to dance to but Luke managed some great moves very enthusiastically.

Lush Life by Zara Larsen was Aieshar's choice.
It was very hard to dance so we just listened to the music.
Aieshar, Meagan and Gabby knew some of the words.

We do have photos but we are having trouble downloading them so will put them in a separate blog.

Enjoy your weekend…..we aren't looking forward to the temperatures dropping. We love this warm weather!!!

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