Thursday, 17 March 2016

Kia Ora

Greetings everyone from a chilly Christchurch. We are hoping that this weather is going to improve as we have been enjoying our lovely sunny days!!!!

Where The Wild Things Are....have you read this book?
Gayle read it to us this week then we had to choose a page and act it out!
It was all part of our 'Give It A Go' week.

Actually it was quite a hard  thing to do acting out in front of the team.

Can you make rhythm?

We have been practising all term and now we are getting experts at it....well we think we are!

We all had to make a rhythm with the rakau sticks and then everyone had to repeat what we had made.

You had to listen REALLY hard so that you could play back the rhythm that had been made.

An afternoon of art.....we had black paper and chalk, coloured rice and glue and pva dripping to choose from.

For the coloured rice we made a pattern on cardboard, filled the shape with glue and then covered the glue with the coloured rice.

What do you think?

We were very pleased with what we had achieved.

Enjoy your weekend....fingers crossed for some sun!!!

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