Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Easter greetings to you all!

With Easter only days away we have been very creative with Easter activities.

We put our thumbs in paint and made a print on some cardboard then when it was dry we turned out thumb prints into Easter rabbits and chickens.

Happy Easter from me

and me...

and me...

and me...

and me..

and me...

and me!!
Yesterday we started with a plain envelope and turned it into a rabbit! We think that our parents are going to be very impressed when they see our Easter art.

We have been thinking about what Easter means to us.

Some of us have been thinking about the Easter message while others are  waiting for Easter Bunny to come and visit.

Gabby told us that Easter is a time to be with family and Luke U said it isn't all about chocolate.
Luke B thought it was a time to have a rest!!

To everyone out there.....whatever you are doing this Easter, have fun and stay safe.

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