Thursday, 16 June 2016

Annyeong.......hello from South Korea

Kia ora,

On a wonderful sunny afternoon we all went for a walk to Desharne and Jasiah's house to take photos.

The photos will go on the wall with all the other photos of homes around the world.

This week we looked at homes from South Korea. There were many different types and we could see that some were very similar to our homes.

There were some differences though.....some of the roofs were a different shape to ours.  

  We learnt that these homes are the traditional Korean homes.   

Quite a few of the homes had beautiful water features around them while others were very, very close to one another.                                                                                           

They didn't have large sections like we do....we wondered where the children went when they wanted to play outside.

Have you ever had chocolate brownie?

We made it was Desharne's choice.

Mixing the softened butter and sugar...

Mixing it REALLY well...

Supporting one another....

Now to mix in the eggs...

The mixture has gone brown because we added cocoa.....

Before going into the oven....

Out of the oven and ready to eat!!!!

We all enjoyed fact we loved it so much some of us had three pieces!!!

It was very foggy and chilly this morning but it turned out into a magnificent day......enjoy it everyone before the sun disappears!!

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