Thursday, 3 November 2016

Week 4

Kia Ora,

We have been exploring healthy options to make.
Last week we cooked potatoes which we had with sour cream, grated cheese and parsley. They were delicious and something we could all make at home to help our busy parents.

First we had to prick the potato with a fork

Then we put all the potatoes into the microwave to cook

While they were cooking we chopped the parsley and grated the cheese

Time to enjoy our potatoes

Another healthy option that  we have  made  was individual salads. We had grated carrot, lettuce, cucumber, cheese and tomatoes in  them.

On Wednesday we were SO lucky.      Gabby's granddad invited us all out to his farm to see the animals there. 

Giving the donkey a brush...

Sue encouraging Aieshar to feel the donkeys fat tummy.
Guess what she could feel?.

Ryan was really interested  in the solar power panels

Collecting eggs...

A treasure!!!!

The amazing vegetable garden

Our vegetable garden has been planted but the naughty birds have been eating our vegetable plants. A big thank you to Dee our caretaker for covering them with netting so the birds cant get at them.

We are going to have to water our plants nearly every day from now on because the temperatures are getting warmer.   Fingers crossed that the birds stay away!!!     We want to be able to take the veggies home to our families when they grow.

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