Friday, 8 November 2013

Off to the Supermarket!

On Thursday we all headed off to the Countdown Supermarket to look at the fruit and vegetables.

We found several things that we didn't like to eat and some  fruit and vegetables  that we had never seen before.

Mmm...mushrooms...Luke B made it VERY clear that he doesn't  like them!!!!!

Coconuts....not many of us knew what these were and where they come from.

Grapes and strawberries put a smile on Aieshar's face!

Yes you are right George...they are peppers.
They are also called capsicums.

We all knew what these were but some of us don't like them!

Now we really didn't know what these were....but Gayle told us that they are called Paw Paw's....mmm I wonder what they taste like?

We had never seen these before...they are pomegranates.

Red bananas....who has ever seen a red banana before?....certainly not us!!!

The pineapples have a very rough skin...almost prickly.

What does that smell like Jeremy?
It has been a week that has been all about food...healthy food, so we have made our own ham sandwiches and a banana smoothie. If you ever invite us to your place we can make these for you!!!!

Enjoy your weekend...let's hope that the sun stays shining.

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