Thursday, 25 June 2015

Week 10

The term is rapidly coming to a close…only one more week to go and it will be the holidays!

In our team we have there is someone who is very excited about the holidays as he is going on a plane by himself to see his big sister…he can't wait!!!!

Our letter to our  Prime Minister John Key is completed and in the post….we are wondering what he will think of the flags that we have designed.

Gabby addressed the envelope for us.
We didn't need to put a stamp on it as it is free when you send a letter to the Prime Minister…..did you know that?

The birds are just loving our bird pudding that we have made for them.

Every day we put some out for them on our bird table.

We have been timing how long it takes them to fly in for the food.

Today it was only 5 seconds!!!!

Usually the wax eyes are first to come …that is until a greedy starling appears!!!

Today we made gluten free pikelets……we wish that the mixture had made more as they were so scrummy and we only got two each. We would have loved more!!!!
They were very easy to make. Some of us thought we could make them at home during the holidays .

Sifting the flour….

Breaking the egg…..

Melting the butter….

Putting the mixture in the frying pan….

Ready to eat…..

Enjoy your weekend everyone.  Let's hope that it will be stunning just like it has been today.

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