Friday, 12 April 2013

Our Senses....

We have embarked on a new topic.....Our 5 Senses.

This week we did smell and taste.

Some of the items that we tasted were...salt, chocolate ,baking soda,bread,jam,honey and lots more.

Our faces were a picture when we tasted some of the things...they weren't very fact the word 'gross' came up several times!!!

''I dont like that!'

"Either do I!"

"Mmm...not sure what that is"

"This tastes like jelly"

"I is chocolate sugar "

For the smell tests we put our blindfolds on again and tried very hard to recognise what the smell was.
It was very difficult but quite a few of us got the spices right.
Our favourite was the star anise....we loved the smell of it.

'I certainly didn't like that!'

"Is that a tea bag?"

"What do you think that is George?"

Thank you  Luke B for being one amazing helper.

It is hard to believe that we only have one week to go and then it is the end of term.
Enjoy your weekend.

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