Friday, 22 March 2013

How lucky were we......

On Tuesday we were treated to a wonderful sight!!!

Someone noticed movement with one of the cocoons so we all quickly gathered round to watch a Monarch emerge from its cocoon.

There was silence for a while and then lots of questions.......

Luke B was truly amazed!

This smile says it all!

"But how does something so big come out of something so small?"

"Why are the wings so small when it comes out and then they get big?"

"Wow this is incredible!!"

"Will it hurt?"

"It tickles!"

The Monarch sat on our hands before we put it outside to start its life cycle all over again.

"Can I take it home?"

Bye has been wonderful watching you.

Three down and one to has been fantastic having these special creatures in our class.

Enjoy your weekend everyone...only one more week and it is Easter!!!!
The term is whizzing by very quickly.

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  1. What great photos! I have loved being able to watch what happened to the caterpillars that came from my garden. You have all done a great job looking after them. Jo x