Friday, 8 March 2013

Week 6!

Thank you letters were on the agenda to Gayle's mum,thanking her for letting us go to her house.
We all wrote letters and Gayle and Rachel were so proud of what we said in our letters to Nanna.

After writing the letters we put them in an envelope and walked to the post box and posted it.

Gayle's mum rang her and said a big thank you for the wonderful letters.

On Thursday we made a dip and had raw courgettes,carrots and celery with it. After we had eaten the veggies we had potato chips. It was very scrummy!

Some of us might end up working as chefs because we decorated the plate beautifully!!

  Go have the makings of a chef!! Fantastic presentation!!!
 We all had a turn at mixing the reduced cream and onion soup together.

 Look at this...the work of experts!!!!
Good on you Luke for trying everything.

All gone!! Well done team!!

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