Friday, 28 September 2012

The holidays have arrived!

It has been a strange week in the Afternoon Programme with four of the children away on camp.
We have missed them.

On Monday we all went to MacDonalds as a big thank you to our amazing SUPERSTARS for all their hard work during the term and the wonderful concert that they put on.

To finish off our 'Spring' topic we went on a Spring walk to see what we could find.

Some peoples gardens were full of beautiful Spring flowers, so now we know what azaleas, matchheads,blossom, magnolias,daffodils,tulips,freesias and rhododendrons look like.

Thanks Katelyn for lifting everyone up so that they could touch the blossom!
Spring is here!

We loved the way this lamp post had been decorated.

 We hope that you all have a safe holiday...have lots of fun.

See you all next term.

Take care.

Gayle, Rachel,Jacob, Luke,Aieshar,Katelyn,George,Jeremy and Rachel.

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