Friday, 10 May 2013

Welcome back to Term 2.

We hope that you have all had a relaxing break.

To complete our "Senses" topic we made a sensory trail with  rope around the playground equipment outside Learning Support.

We all found it quite strange and it made us realise how difficult it must be when you are blind.

Jeremy liked having the blindfold on.

"I couldn't  see anything...I was just a little scared"

"I had to go around the was hard"

"I was a little scared cause I am afraid of the dark."

"It was easy peasy...there was a hole in my blindfold ."

Darren came to join us and had a turn...he found it difficult too and we had to give him a helping hand!!!!!

Well done Darren...thanks for coming to see us in action!

On Thursday we made pumpkin soup from a pumpkin that we had grown in the garden outside Learning Support. Thanks Mary for giving us the has been exciting watching them grow.

 We were all champions at cutting the pumpkin up.
Busy Bees!!!!

Aieshar used her special knife and made a great job of cutting the pumpkin into small pieces.

 Luke has been watching his Mum in the kitchen and knew how to get the pumpkin from the board to the pot!
All cut up and ready for cooking.

Finished product!

Comments...a little pale in colour but it still tasted yum!! Must have been the onions and nutmeg that gave it it's flavour.

Have a wonderful weekend and keep warm!!!

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